quality silver jewelry itemsQuality craftsmanship sterling silver practically sells itself. Those who know what they are looking for, whether they are seeking silver keepsake items, jewelry, or special occasion gifts, will see it in your store and buy it. However, that is only a specific percentage of your customer base. There are plenty of others who need to be made aware of the benefits associated with fine sterling silver products. They need to be told about the benefits of owning and gifting quality silver pieces – the long-standing value of this precious metal and how to identify it from inferior quality products.

Increase Sales With Quality Products

Stocking up your store with the trendiest products that are all over the internet will net you some sales, but you are better off trying to carve out your own niche and choose products that will speak to your customers. Learning what they want – listening to what they say when they are in your store, keeping track of what gets bought (and what doesn’t), as well as any other demographics that you can collect, will help you a lot. Figuring out the “hot buttons” that will trigger sales, increase receipts, and encourage referrals is part of the retail business.

Right now, you probably already have an idea of which fine sterling silver products would sell to your regular customers. Now, think outside the box and consider what silver keepsake items and gifts might appeal to new consumers and how you can use that to bring them into your store. For some shops, quantity over quality will win out every time. But you know your customers. If quality matters, then this is the number one reason why to choose silver gifts for your store. Make sure to carry a variety of items and take notice of what becomes popular first and see how it spirals to other areas of your store.

Training Your Staff to Sell Silver

Whenever you add a new item to your store, you should take the time to train your sales team about the key principles involving the debuting product. The more your team knows about quality craftsmanship sterling silver, the easier it will be to sell it to those who do not know anything about it themselves. This also helps to build rapport with the customer, make them feel as though they are being let in on a big industry secret, and help them to check people off their gift list and be pleased with the purchase that they have made at your store. Before you know it, you will have return customers, referring customers, and gift-buying customers who come back to buy something for themselves.

Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum go in and out of style all the time. Trends fostered by fashion magazines, television, celebrities, and social media influencers can have you suddenly increasing your silver stock without notice. Make sure your team knows how to sell your silver keepsake items, jewelry, and gifts successfully even when it is not trending. Learn how to talk about the benefits of owning silver, the high percentage of individuals who own silver pieces, and the longevity of the metal, revealing how it is passed down between generations. While silver is considered one of the precious metals, it is slightly more affordable, making it the perfect gift for people of all ages and different occasions.

Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Consider placing some of your silver keepsake items and popular gift products in areas where shoppers tend to go during certain holidays, occasions, and seasons to buy other gifts. Clothing departments, small gifts, jewelry sections, and even accessories or shoes could be a good place for showcasing fine sterling silver products. Sales team members can also suggest matching items, coordinating gifts, or layer items together to help build the sale. Featured showcase areas can include trendy fashion items alongside your quality craftsmanship sterling silver jewelry and gift pieces. This can help you to boost your sales receipts and successfully up-sell, cross-sell, and promote new items to your best customers.

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