quality silver for retailersWhether they know it or not, most people immediately associate sterling silver with quality and wealth. Silver is one of the three precious metals alongside gold and platinum. When it comes to jewelry, collectible items, gifts, home decor, and keepsake pieces, quality craftsmanship sterling silver is always a popular choice. Sterling silver is also known as fine silver and is the best option for those who wish to purchase quality silver items. Made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent of metal alloys, such as copper, sterling silver has all of the beautiful shine, and durability consumers want in a silver piece. A popular choice with shoppers, silver gifts for holiday sales, and silver items for retail throughout the year are always in demand.

Sterling Silver is On-Trend

A quick glance through popular fashion industry magazines and advertisements will reveal that silver items for retail are always in style. Silver is one of those metals that goes with everything, working as a showcase piece and as the perfect accessory to compliment just about any design trend. Worn and admired throughout the year, silver gifts for holiday sales are extremely popular because the objects, jewelry, and keepsake pieces can be used in all seasons. Silver looks just as great in the spring, summer, and fall as it does in the winter, providing long-lasting, great looks for the recipient. Because it is a precious metal, sterling silver will continue to be on-trend now and in the future, as it will always be popular with both designers and consumers.

Lots of Options for Sterling Silver

Another reason why quality craftsmanship sterling silver remains so popular is that there are lots of great ways to use it. Practical gifts, such as desk accessories for the entrepreneur or executive, as well as photo frames, home decor, and collectible items, are always a hit with consumers. Fun gift items, such as holiday ornaments, keepsake boxes, pocket watches, and jewelry, are something that can be handed down from one generation to the next because they hold their value and continue to look beautiful even after many years. Silver items for retail can span multiple price points, interests, and seasons, making it the perfect gift to stock in just about any retail store.

Silver is Highly Collectible

Unlike some types of collectible items, such as baseball cards or ceramic figurines, which can be very specific and difficult to know what to get when gifting, silver gifts for holiday sales and year-round gifting have a simple appeal. If you know that someone collects silver pieces, whether that includes brush and comb sets, jewelry, or ornaments, it is easy to find unique pieces that can be added to their collection. When you purchase quality silver items for your retail store, keep in mind the type of customer that you attract and the purpose of their visit. If they are shopping for themselves, a loved one, or are looking for executive gifts, make sure to stock a variety of practical and collectible items in your store. Silver holds its value, which is why many prefer to gift silver to someone special or for milestone occasions.

A Versatile Gift Option

While we talk a lot about silver gifts for holiday sales, quality craftsmanship sterling silver is the perfect gift for just about any occasion. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, religious ceremonies such as baptisms, Christenings, and First Communions, as well as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, retirements, new job celebrations, and engagements, are just some examples of when silver is given as a gift. Photo frames, pocket watches, buck knives, medallions, key chains, tie clips, cufflinks, divot doctors, guitar picks – the versatility of silver can be quite surprising and impressive. So when you start looking at silver items for retail stores, think outside the box and work with one of our customer service agents to purchase quality silver items to showcase in your store.

Easy Maintenance Options

Perhaps the only thing that retailers might have to overcome with silver fits is the common misconception that it is difficult to maintain. Consider offering a brief presentation near your silver gift item showcase that provides details on how to maintain silver to help keep its luster for many years to come. If silver is not worn or used, it will tarnish. However, silver jewelry polish and a good cloth, as well as protective storage products, can help to show consumers how easy it is to clean silver objects and keep them looking their best.

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