Why Choose Silver Gifts for Souvenir Gift Shop Product Sales

fine sterling silver souvenir gift retailSpring Break is in full swing and summer vacations are just around the corner. For businesses that deal with tourists and other out-of-town visitors, it is essential to have a wide selection of quality gift options, such as special occasion silver items. Providing a variety of price points can help to increase sales to just about anyone who walks through your door. Little plastic souvenirs for the kids, kitschy items with the city or tourist “hot spot” emblazoned on as a keepsake, and even higher-end options, such as quality craftsmanship sterling silver can all have a place at your store.

Know Your Audience

Certain items may only sell well during specific holidays or seasons, so it pays to know what your customers are looking for when they visit your gift shop. This will help you to have more room for the items that sell like hotcakes and reserve your specialty options for other times during the year. The retail industry can fluctuate, depending on the market interest and the availability of certain products. The more you can stay on top of trends within your particular niche, the easier it will be to ensure that you have all of the items in stock when you need them the most.

Why choose silver gifts? Silver items are a beautiful gift option throughout the year. Used to commemorate a special occasion, silver items are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, retirements, holiday gift-giving, and quality souvenir options at local gift shops. Whether you are located near the beach or some other regional attraction that brings in a lot of visitors, it pays to have some items in your shop that will attract those tourist sales. Even if you don’t offer traditional souvenir items, build a reputation for yourself among visitors for selling quality retail supply sterling silver at your store.

Types of Stores for Souvenirs

While it makes sense that a gift shop would sell souvenirs, but what other kinds of stores can also do well selling special occasion silver items? Resort shops, hotel shops, shopping malls, shopping centers, clothing stores, megastores, and even mom-and-pop shops should all have a selection of gift options for their customers. Start doing your own research in-house and keep track of the people who visit your store. Chatting with customers can provide you with a lot of data that you can use to your advantage.

Some of the information that you should collect includes:

  • a general age range of the individual (under 18, 20-30, 40-50, 50+)
  • family status (single, couple, family w/kids, grandkids, etc.)
  • local or visitor (find out city/state if possible)
  • purchase made (item-specific or dollar amount)
  • type of purchase (gift, personal/self, souvenir)
  • discovery (how did they find your store?)
  • missed sale (what did they want that you didn’t have?)

All of this information will help you to paint a clear picture of the general “type” of person who shops at your store. Finding out what they want, what they bought, and how they discovered your location could also be beneficial. Another great way to collect this information is to establish a social media presence online and invite customers to “check-in” to your store or write reviews about their shopping experience. Collect all data and use it to expand your market reach or focus on providing special occasion silver items and other retail stock that would appeal to your target demographic.

Quality Gifts at Great Value

Everyone wants to buy that special gift that was purchased at a great bargain. Not only will they be proud to give such a gift, but they will delight in telling everyone about the great deal that they got when they visited your store. Quality craftsmanship sterling silver and other options for retail supply sterling silver can be a great way to offer the opportunity to get such a special souvenir or gift. Why choose silver gifts? Because silver is a timeless material that people are excited to give and receive. Special occasion silver items are great for specific gift-giving opportunities, but many silver gifts are bought on the spur of the moment as a lovely thank-you gift or way of commemorating a vacation or trip.

If you would like to consider adding quality special occasion silver items, jewelry, and objects to your gift shop or retail store, contact JT Inman Company at 508-226-0080. We can help you choose the best pieces from our catalog or assist you in choosing custom options to build your brand and stand out from other stores in your area.