White Label Sterling Silver Opportunities for Retail Stores

white label opportunities for retailOne of the best ways to set your retail store apart from the competition is to offer something unique that no one else is selling. However, you need to make sure that your products are on-trend and appeal to your target demographic. The pieces need to be tested, proven and well-made in order to reflect positively on your brand. White label sterling silver is an excellent way to achieve all of these goals, increasing your profits and reputation among shoppers. White label opportunities are used by practically every major brand in the retail industry, so don’t think that it won’t work for your store. Whether you are new to retail or are looking to expand by marketing white label products, you can count on JT Inman Company to provide you with unique sterling silver objects that you will be proud to call your own.

Quality Products, Excellent Reputation

The biggest challenge associated with selecting the white label opportunities that are best for you is finding a good manufacturer that makes quality products and has an excellent reputation in the industry. White label sterling silver provides a brandable experience that is designed to elevate your company and offer innovative ways to earn loyal customers and prove your worth to existing repeat shoppers. Choosing the right manufacturer is essential to the success of marketing white label products. If you pick a company that does not live up to the hype or that begins turning out subpar products, it will directly reflect on you and your brand.

When shopping for unique sterling silver objects, you should always consider:

  • Product Quality – do your due diligence and make sure that all of the items sold and supplied by the manufacturer meet your own stringent requirements for quality, consistency, and value
  • Global Reputation – take time to read reviews, get referrals (when available), and find out what people are saying about the manufacturer before you invest heavily in white label sterling silver
  • Shipment Costs and Timing – these days, it pays to work with US-based manufacturers who are not directly impacted by overseas shipping delays for materials; find out how much shipping would cost and ask about delivery expectations based on your immediate requirements
  • Custom Options – find out how much it would cost to get customizations of products and if custom options extend to your choices when marketing white label products
  • Branding Requirements – be sure to ask what you are allowed to do (and what you can’t) when it comes to branding, packaging, and promotion of fine sterling silver products in your store

Other things to take into consideration include the minimum order quantity in order to work with white label sterling silver objects and jewelry. There is typically a minimum requirement for any type of white label opportunities, but it is good to know this upfront. If the number is too high, you might not be ready for this type of marketing option. Instead, explore other ways to offer your customers unique sterling silver objects, including custom personalization options, custom designs, and more. Make sure that you go over every detail of the contract to avoid inadvertently breaking any rules so you can continue enjoying the benefits of marketing white label products.

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