Commercial retail businesses are always looking for new ways to set themselves apart from competitors and build their brand. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of white label opportunities. Depending on the type of retail store that you own and operate, the products that you sell through this type of arrangement will vary. For example, general department stores and shops that sell clothing, jewelry, gifts, and souvenirs can do quite well selling quality silver items for retail stores. A wide range of price points can make these products valuable to a large demographic, providing the opportunity to purchase special occasion, holiday, and seasonal gifts for family, friends, and even coworkers. Silver white label manufacturing can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and provides business owners with the opportunity to really build their brand with quality products. White label sterling silver objects can include keepsake, corporate, and other special occasion gifts, as well as personal purchase items that can be used to target a specific shopping season or be sold all year long.

What is White Label?

At JT Inman Company, we offer our clients an opportunity to advance their brand and offer their customers unique products. Silver white label manufacturing is similar to other types of white label opportunities in that it provides a product that is designed and manufactured by our skilled craftsmen that our clients can rebrand and package to sell it as their own. The term “white label” simply means to the ability of the retail store to create their own label and packaging to sell something as their own. Quality silver items for retail stores are the best option for branding. The idea is that the products have already been proven through research and development, testing, and consumer testing to ensure the best possible results. The goal is to build your brand, not damage it through the sales of untested, unproven, or inferior products.

White label production is used across many different types of retail industries. For example, consumer electronics – including televisions, DVD players, and computer devices – are often produced by a major brand and then sold under sub-brands and other smaller brands. White label opportunities give commercial retail businesses a jump start in the development, testing, and marketing of products, which saves them both time and money. Other industries that rely heavily on white label production include computer software and web apps, supermarket chains, popular beverage brands, and even the banking industry, which frequently outsources operations to larger organizations. In most cases, this is a win-win situation for both the client and the provider, offering unique opportunities to increase revenue and establish themselves as a leader in the eyes of their target demographic.

Fine Sterling Silver Since 1882

When you partner with JT Inman Company for silver white label manufacturing, you are partnering with a manufacturer that has worked tirelessly to earn a strong reputation for producing fine sterling silver for more than a century. We have an expansive catalog of items that can be sold by our retail customers, as well as a wide range of white label sterling silver objects. The artistic integrity and craftsmanship of the products that we design, create, and manufacture allows our commercial retail clients to provide their customers with the perfect gift for that special occasion. From collectible pieces to keepsake gifts, high-quality jewelry, and corporate items, you can find products that will increase sales and boost your reputation at JT Inman Company.

If you are interested in learning more about our white label opportunities or would like to see some of our quality silver items for retail stores, simply contact our customer sales department by calling 508-226-0080. Our catalog items can be viewed in a portfolio on our website, but our team can assist you by providing detailed information about the availability of white label sterling silver objects for your store. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the retail industry, serving both brick-and-mortar companies that have been around for generations and small business owners who sell in-person and online. Contact our team today to learn more about silver white label manufacturing and custom design opportunities available at JT Inman Company.