The best way to be successful in the retail industry is to know your customer. The type of products they like to buy, the amount of money they have to spend, and the occasions that draw them in to purchase gifts for family and friends. Other demographics can be helpful as well, such as the age and gender of the shopper, the frequency of their visits, the combination of items that they buy – it all helps to paint a picture that can help increase conversions. While this type of data might be more easily collected from online sales, it is possible to gather information from in-store purchases as well. You might not recognize every customer on sight, particularly if you have a larger store in a big city, but there are things you can do to track your sales that will help increase receipts. So, whether you want to sell keepsake silver pieces or other types of quality silver items for retail stores, it all starts with knowing your customers.

Gift Shops – Local and Tourist

One of the best ways to sell retail products from a manufacturer of sterling silver objects is at a gift shop. When someone has a special occasion to celebrate, such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation, or seasonal holiday, they typically head to the local gift shop to pick out something nice. Keepsake silver pieces often fit the bill perfectly for these types of purchases. Affordable sterling silver for retailers should be displayed among costlier silver gifts for those who want to spend more money. This will help you to reach a broader dynamic of customers without overextending your offerings. An example might be fine sterling silver keychains and bookmarks in the more affordable range, as well as more costly photo frames and expensive jewelry.

Tourist gift shops are also a great place to sell quality silver items for retail stores. Beaches, lakes, resorts, and other vacation spots are filled with people looking to buy a souvenir from their trip or get a thank you gift for a neighbor who walked the dog and picked up the mail while they were gone. Beautiful keepsake silver pieces can include bracelets, charms, and necklaces, as well as elegant pocketknives, luggage tags, golf accessories, guitar picks, and pins. You can browse our catalog to see a full selection of sterling silver for retailers or speak with one of our representatives to discuss custom design and manufacturing options. Look around your store and consider all of the places where you could showcase and feature these quality items to add depth and options for your customers.

Department Stores

Large department stores and local mom-and-pop shops are other excellent choices for selling sterling silver for retailers. There are many ways to showcase quality silver items for retail stores, including the men’s or women’s clothing departments, jewelry cases, and gift shop areas. Depending on the season, some keepsake silver pieces might sell better than others, including the Christmas holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Graduation season is also another immensely popular time of year for a manufacturer of sterling silver objects. Providing the option to personalize or customize products with engraving could give you a solid edge over the competition and create an increased demand for the items that you sell.

In the same category as department stores, specialized mall shops can also be a great place to sell fine sterling silver products. Seasonal and special occasion gifting, as well as personal purchases, can help to increase receipts. As with other items in your store, product placement should be based on your customer dynamics and their typical shopping goals. Corporate gifts, personal gifts, thank you gifts, and holiday gifts can be purchased throughout the year alongside birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates. Consider featuring these items in special areas of your store or keep them in a case, depending on your demographic. Chains, bracelets, earrings, and other types of jewelry, as well as home décor pieces and other everyday objects, can be a great addition to any store.

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