retail silver salesAt JT Inman Company, we specialize in the design and manufacture of quality retail supply silver objects. We also offer white label opportunities and options to create custom silver items for retailers. Since 1882, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the retail industry and have earned a reputation for being the best source for quality silver in North America. Our fine sterling silver products include a large catalog of jewelry, gifts, keepsake pieces, and special occasion silver items. We directly supply retail stores with quality silver products that they showcase and sell throughout the year. We have even earned a reputation for selling collectible holiday ornaments and pieces that consumers look forward to purchasing year after year.

Retail Supply Silver Objects

Some of the gift options that we sell in our catalog include traditional new baby presents, religious ceremony and milestone offerings, quality personal pieces, and executive or home decor products. You can view a majority of our items in our online catalog and can contact us directly for information on our custom silver items for retailers. We put our many years of experience working as the best source for quality silver into every item that we create. The artistic integrity and original craftsmanship that goes into our products are unmatched in the North American sterling silver industry. If you are in need of retail supply silver objects for your brick-and-mortar or online store, JT Inman Company can help you get the products you need to satisfy your customers. We strive to meet or exceed expectations, offering our customers the best prices on high quality silver objects and jewelry.

  • Silver Brushes and Combs – Quality fine sterling silver brush and comb sets have been a popular gift for hundreds of years. JT Inman Company offers a wide selection of decorative brushes, including military-style brushes, handle brushes, and a plain comb and brush set. Birth record brushes in both boy and girl varieties are also quite popular for gift-giving and make an excellent addition to your new baby, Baptism, and Christening gift displays.
  • Sterling Silver Bookmarks – Another popular gift item is the elegant fine sterling silver bookmark in a variety of shapes and types. Perfect to give for graduations and other milestone achievements; our high quality silver bookmarks are an affordable gift option that will impress. Choose from hearts, oblong shapes, shields, and squares, as well as polygons, apples, and globes, with or without tassels.
  • Silver and Enamel Cufflinks – If you are looking for classic retail supply silver objects to include in a department store or gift shop, cufflinks make an excellent choice. We have a wide range of options in just about every shape and style. Sterling silver and enamel pieces in a variety of colors are also very popular with consumers who are looking for the best source for quality silver gift giving. Detailed and decorative pieces, as well as zodiac, religious, and matching studs, can also be included with special occasion silver items for year-round gift-giving.
  • Fine Sterling Silver Photo Frames – We have more than 70 different sizes, styles, and decorative options for silver photo frames in our catalog. We can create custom silver items for retailers if there is something we don’t carry. Plain and decorative, squared and rounded, occasion-specific, and general-purpose – whatever you want in the way of retail supply silver objects of this variety, you will find it at JT Inman Company.

The Best Source for Quality Silver

Unlike some manufacturers who use low-quality materials in the design and production of silver objects, at JT Inman Company, we only use 92.5 percent fine sterling silver to create our special occasion silver items. Our reputation and the business that we have earned from our clients over the years are too important for us to sacrifice the relationships that we have built on quality and trust. If you are searching for the best source for quality silver, make sure to consider working with JT Inman Company. Since 1882, we have proudly made retail supply silver objects for businesses in North America and all around the globe. To learn more about our catalog and custom silver items for retailers, give us a call at 508-226-0080.