Retailers need to keep a steady supply of quality products that will appeal to their target customer base. Think about the type of customer that comes into your store. What are they looking for when they shop? How much do they want to spend? Do you have something that can solve their problems or meet their needs? Figuring out what people want to buy – and when they want to buy it – can be a real challenge. The more you can learn about your customers, the easier it will be to boost sales. Including quality sterling silver items, custom silver objects, popular jewelry pieces, and other silver items for retail can help to increase your bottom line. Add these items to areas throughout your store that will appeal to shoppers as coordinated gift items, impulse buys, or complementary pieces that will satisfy their quest for the perfect product.

Why Choose Quality Sterling Silver Items

There are many different levels of quality when it comes to jewelry and keepsake gift items. We have all seen the “silver” gifts in stores that are actually made of high amounts of nickel or other cheap metals and contain only small percentages of actual silver – if they contain any at all. If you are going to carry silver items for retail in your shop, make sure to highlight the quality of the products in your showcase. Sterling silver is made from 92.5 percent pure silver and a remaining percentage of copper to provide strength, durability, and shine. When you purchase quality sterling silver items through JT Inman Company for your retail store, be sure to let your customers know it.

Quality items will always sell faster than cheap products. While the cheaper versions cost less and will appeal to some shoppers, discerning shoppers – those who are purchasing gifts for someone else or buying something special for themselves – will instantly recognize the difference. It is a good idea to stock items among every price point, but really showcase your catalog and custom silver objects in a place where the more quality-savvy customers will see them. Display cases near quality clothing items or shoes, features in gift sections, and impulse buy areas near registers in department stores can be a great place to put the focus on accessories and extra purchase items that shoppers might appreciate.

Where to Get Ideas for Products

The more data you can collect about your target demographic, the easier it will be to figure out what they truly want. White label opportunities can be used to provide unique selections that shoppers won’t be able to find anywhere else in the local area. Putting your brand name on these quality items will help to further increase the reputation of your store and make your company name synonymous with quality. Custom silver objects can also be designed to meet the needs of your customers. When you work with JT Inman Company to increase your product options and supply, you can always count on getting quality sterling silver items for retail.

Other ways to gather ideas for your store include connecting with customers on social media to see what items they are interested in and might purchase through your store or brainstorming about products that you might carry to meet their needs. Consider year-round products, seasonal items, holiday specials, and other exclusive options that you could showcase in your store. You can also conduct research using other tools, such as Google Keyword options and search tools for innovative items that will give you a heads up on growing trends and consumer interests. Take advantage of trends when you spot them and stock your store with products that will meet the demand effectively.

How to Make Product Decisions

Perhaps the best way to choose the right quality sterling silver items for your store is to stop thinking about choosing all of the items that you could sell, but instead, change the way you think about product sourcing. When store owners stop to think about this process as “curating items for customers” instead of mass ordering generic products that they might buy, they get themselves into the right frame of mind for a specific customer. Again, this comes back to collecting consumer data. Demographics are essential to set your business apart from other retailers in the local area and boost sales.

If you would like to view our online catalog, just visit our website. You can reach our team directly by calling 508-226-0080 to speak with one of our representatives about designing custom silver objects or white label opportunities. We can answer any questions you might have about silver items for retail and help you choose the best products for your store.