classic silver gifts for holidaysHow were your sales this past holiday season? What did you sell the most, and what did you run out of the fastest? Did you keep track of your customer demographics so you could use it to prepare for next year? Smart retail store owners know that every bit of data is precious and should be used to determine which products sold the best and what they need to do to increase sales. Classic silver gift items are a great way to bring in new shoppers, boost sales receipts with up-selling or promoting related items, and satisfy the needs of regular customers. Using today’s data to plan for tomorrow’s next big sale is a great way to get a leg up on the competition and be more competitive in your target market.

Five-Day Shopping Holiday

You might know about Black Friday and, if you have an online presence, you might also participate in Cyber Monday, but did you know that the holiday shopping season has expanded to connect the five days from Thanksgiving on Thursday all the way to Monday? This past holiday shopping season saw record sales from consumers both online and in stores during those five days. Take time to check your records to see what you sold during that time frame and see what you can do to amp things up for next year.

Custom silver items for retailers were in big demand this past shopping season. Unique items were popular with consumers doing gift shopping and remained a high interest through the end of the year. Artistic silver object manufacturing resources like JT Inman Company can help you to prepare your store for next year’s gift shopping season and offer your customers a wide range of options to suit everyone on their list. Silver gifts for holiday sales are great add-on items, big-ticket purchases, and good for increasing receipts. A customer who buys a sweater and a pair of earrings for someone on their list might also be interested in a sterling silver chain, bangle bracelet, or enamel and silver key chain.

Record-Breaking Numbers

The experts say that 2019 will be difficult to beat, but if you are armed with the data you collected during the shopping season and have a wide range of classic silver gift items at the ready, you will be prepared to give it a good try. While this past year had the shortest shopping season in more than seven years due to the line-up of Thanksgiving and Christmas on the calendar, sales broke records on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, laying the groundwork for a very busy shopping season.

So how did you do? What was your biggest demand item? How were your overall receipts for the five-day shopping holiday and the entire season? What could you do to improve those numbers next year, and how could you be better prepared to meet the needs of your customers and make sure that you can provide them with the options that they want most. Consider adding new pieces and expand the price points that you offer for artistic silver object manufacturing gifts like keepsake items, photo frames, collectible ornaments, and specialty products. Some of these items can be tested throughout the year and then increased during the holiday season after they have been proven.

Establish an Online Marketplace

If you have not already done so at this point, consider taking some time this year to build up your website and offer deals online. Studies show that there was a significant in-store shopping decline this year, so even if you can offer special options, web-based discounts, and increase your holiday mailing list through social media and other avenues, it will make a difference. Use online tools to supplement the sales that you make in-store, even if your numbers were good this year. With more and more shoppers looking online for the best prices, if you do not have a web-based option, you might be missing out on sales.

Contact JT Inman Company to discuss your needs regarding silver gifts for holiday sales. We have a wide range of commercial and custom silver items for retailers, as well as options for white label manufacturing and custom artistic silver object manufacturing. Call our team today at 508-226-0080 to learn more about our classic silver gift items for retailers.