Understanding the Needs of Consumers for Custom Jewelry and Silver Items

understanding consumer needs for silver productsUnderstanding a very specific customer demography is essential to learning how to sell excellent sterling silver jewelry. These purchasers are looking for custom silver objects and special occasion silver products that they desire for themselves or to give as gifts to important people in their lives, as opposed to those who are just looking for the best deal on a generic product. Selling jewelry is another one of those industries where a soft sell is more important than a forceful one. It is simple to enhance conversions when you have high-quality things to sell. For example, distinctive exquisite sterling silver chains or silver enamel jewelry pieces will eventually sell itself to the correct consumer.

Unique and Custom Designs are Prized

What is meant by that? The market for sterling silver jewelry is active and expanding at an astounding rate, according to marketing surveys. Custom jewelry and silver items are selling fluidly, which indicates that customer demand in these products is at an all-time high. The US is now the world’s top consumer of fine jewelry items, with sales of fine jewelry exceeding $70 billion in the previous year, according to a recent US State of the Jewelry Market study. Within the class of precious metals, platinum, silver, and gold all have enduring worth that will not fade. The fact that many recipients will hang onto their sterling silver jewelry and pass it down to their children or grandkids is only one of the many reasons it’s regarded as a memento or generational gift.

Selling jewelry made of silver enamel and other silver goods suitable for special occasions can be considered a type of art. Part of the larger picture is spending time learning as much as possible about your target client, the jewelry industry as a whole, and how to adjust to shifting consumer behavior. It might be difficult for you to break into the internet jewelry market if you lack the necessary abilities, tactics, and resources. Gaining the trust of customers may be achieved by providing a satisfaction guarantee and high-quality products at fair costs. Using tested marketing techniques created to raise jewelry sales and brand recognition for your company will enable you to expand in the next years.

Know Your Customer Base

Who then routinely purchases beautiful jewelry made of sterling silver? Which kind of consumer is interested in buying personalized silver goods or silver things for special occasions for oneself or as presents for family members? It will be simpler to forecast customer behavior and choose items that would appeal to them most if you have more knowledge about the different sorts of consumers. Some of the information you should get from your visitors includes the user’s age and gender, as well as details about the products they have viewed, favorited, and eventually bought. You may use this to discover who is currently visiting your website. Equipped with this understanding and a semblance of insight into the intended audience for silver enamel jewelry pieces and other personalized silver goods, you ought to be able to increase traffic as well as sales.

Which age group in the US do you believe spends the most money on fine jewelry? customers aged 56 and over account for a staggering 49% of fine jewelry purchases annually, despite customers under 40 making up just 36% of the market and those between 40 and 55 making up only 15%. In what way does that compare to the sales you see online? Does a customer’s age affect where and when they buy jewelry and custom silver goods? It’s possible that many of these special occasion silver products are bought as gifts because the Christmas season, which runs from November until the end of the year, accounts for more than 30% of all sales of fine jewelry. According to the 2019 ecommerce Consumer Report, online sales have increased to about 30%, although department stores still have a significant lead in fine jewelry sales at 35%.

Procure Quality Special Occasion Silver

Making ensuring your clients have high-quality alternatives at competitive costs is the best method to boost sales of anything. Retailers may purchase beautiful sterling silver jewelry and custom silver products from JT Inman Company by accessing our online catalog. We have worked hard to establish a strong name for our fine special occasion silver goods in the jewelry and retail sales sectors since 1882. Call our staff at 508-226-0080 to find out more about our products or to have a representative discuss our silver enamel jewelry items with you.