retail sales sterling silverNot every retail store is a solid candidate for selling fine sterling silver jewelry and keepsake silver pieces. You won’t see quality retail sterling silver objects at the local dollar store or even a discount big box store. If you do see it, you can be pretty sure that it won’t be legitimate sterling silver or that it is plated silver on top of nickel of some other cheap metal. Shoppers who know about the value of sterling silver and seek it out for themselves or as a gift for someone else also know that quality products must be found at certain retail stores. If you are interested in selling quality silver objects or would like to get involved with JT Inman Company’s white label products for retailers, you should make sure that your business and customer base matches up accordingly.

Department Stores and Retail Silver

One of the most common places to find fine sterling silver jewelry outside of a jewelry store is the department store. National chains, local family-owned and operated stores, and even growing names in consumer retail all fall under this umbrella. Consumers know to visit these types of stores to find specific kinds of products, which includes keepsake silver pieces, collectible objects, and silver jewelry. Classic photo frames and baby spoons, tie clips and cufflinks, enamel silver earrings and chains, seasonal ornaments, and holiday gifts – these are just some of the examples of items customers expect to find at the department stores. Some items can be showcased in a particular department within the overall store, such as desk accessories and belt buckles in the men’s section and bracelets, brushes, and mirrors in the women’s part of the store. Gift items can be spread out throughout the space, offering opportunities for shoppers to stumble upon certain products as they browse.

Department stores are also the perfect place for showcasing specific pieces and groups of products. Keepsake silver pieces, such as baby cups and jewelry, silver boxes, and photo frames, can all be featured in a holiday shopping display, seasonal promotional spot, or in a specific gift area of the store. Keep a list of holiday and seasonal milestones that should be featured and include retail sterling silver objects in with your display. Silver earrings can be the perfect upsell accent for this year’s popular winter sweater. In contrast, other types of fine sterling silver jewelry can be used to adorn vacation-wear promotions or summer attire. There are lots of excellent opportunities for store owners to feature quality silver objects to increase sales, boost interest, and effectively appeal to the needs and interests of their customers.

Gift Shops and Keepsake Silver Pieces

When you go to your favorite local gift shop or visit a tourist shop while on vacation, you will notice that there is always a showcase of high-value, top-quality pieces on display. Retail sterling silver objects are perfect for gift-giving because they hold their value, are popular with consumers, and offer long-lasting, great looks at affordable prices. Silver is one of the precious metals like gold or platinum. Still, it is consistently more cost-effective, especially when used to create fine sterling silver jewelry and other keepsake silver pieces. Certain gifts are considered classic when made from silver, including pocket watches, baby spoons, and religious pieces, including St. Christopher’s medals, baby jewelry, and First Communion silver objects.

Gift shop owners should be hyper-aware of the importance surrounding the various holidays and seasons throughout the year. Gifts for high school and college graduates, back-to-school gifts for new students, new baby gifts, anniversary pieces, and retirement gifts are all great options to help make the sale. Calendar holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, are also essential to boost sales and attract new customers to your store. Start looking at the items that best fit with each holiday or season to boost your sales of retail sterling silver objects. Browse our catalog at JT Inman Company to see all of the products currently available or contact our team directly to learn about our custom and white label products for retailers. Find new ways to set yourself apart from local competitors so you can increase your sales and loyal customers.

Is Your Store Right for Fine Sterling Silver?

Not sure if your business model is right for selling retail sterling silver objects or fine sterling silver jewelry? Contact JT Inman Company and speak with one of our customer service representatives. We can discuss ways that you can integrate classic silver gifts and keepsake silver pieces into your current stock and offer suggestions for our products that sell the best for your store’s demographic. Give us a call today and start making plans to add silver objects and products to your shelves. You can reach our team at 508-226-0080 or use our online contact form to receive a call from one of our sales representatives.