Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry: Silver and Enamel Designs

trendy sterling silver jewelryDespite the long history of delicate sterling silver jewelry, the use of enameling only began in the 13th century. In the 1920s, keepsake silver items had their first big phase of popularity among consumers of all classes. Even now, stunning enamel and silver jewelry from that time period may be found in vivid and rich hues. Classic silver gifts are always in trend, but they are much easier to sell when you can discover high-quality goods that combine silver and enamel. For you to sell in your brick-and-mortar or online store, JT Inman Company offers a choice of enamel and silver jewelry and personalized items.

It’s possible that the rise in popularity of enamel and silver jewelry in the 1920s was one of the factors contributing to its current popularity. The stock market crash and economic slump of the 1920s, both then and now, encouraged buyers to expand their jewelry collections with more vibrant, joyful, and jovial pieces. For those who choose to wear them, the colorful enamel accessories and memento silver items are just as enjoyable. All around the country, shopping centers and upscale boutiques carry enameled items. For a contemporary take on the retro classic look, even renowned designers are increasingly adding vibrant enamel into their creations.

Quality Silver Jewelry Pieces

Over the years, enamel coatings have been used in a wide variety of ways on silver jewelry. Fine sterling silver jewelry that is expertly embellished with vibrant accents and imaginative, artistic portrayals in a range of hues and tones has gained popularity all around the world. Copper and glass are the two main materials used to make enamel. Since copper is a typical alloy used to fine sterling silver to increase strength and brightness, it may be the ideal partner for this winning combination. Early enamels made of both gold and silver and dating to the 13th and 15th centuries have been discovered. Contrary to the more straightforward and traditional items that may be found in today’s retail industry, some of the decorations were quite extravagant.

Early attempts to enamel precious metals date back to the sixth century in Constantinople, while in Limoges, enamels first appeared in the 12th century, embellishing recessed motifs on gold and silver plaques. A Royal Gold Cup of the Kings of France and England that was created in Paris in 1385 is among the earlier pieces. It is a beautiful illustration of how early uses of enamel and metal were used to create enduring works of art and may be seen in the British Museum. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, as demand for this distinctive workmanship started to rise, more contemporary instances of enamel and silver being combined can be seen all over Europe. However, the usage of enamel overlay with precious metals in jewelry did not appear until much later.

Silver Enamel Jewelry Items

Offering traditional silver gifts and excellent sterling silver jewelry for sale to your consumers is crucial, whether you own or run a jewelry store, gift shop, or retail establishment. It may seem challenging to stay up with the most recent trends for enamel and silver jewelry, but you can rely on JT Inman Company to keep an eye on the market and offer solutions that you can sell in your store. Our collection of enamel and silver jewelry, along with unique keepsake items, can improve your current displays and add some color and flare to your inventory. In our online catalog, you’ll find enamel and silver earrings, medals, medallions, religious symbols, keychains, and more. Enamel embellishments can be added to custom pieces made in the traditional designs of presents and keepsake silverware.

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