increase silver salesStore owners and managers who want to be more successful in sales of silver products for retail need to examine their current efforts and see how they can make improvements. If your customer traffic is on target for the time of year, it might be in the way that you are showcasing the items or marketing them to your customers. Custom sterling silver objects and stock retail supply sterling silver are popular gift items and personal purchase options throughout the year. Consider switching to a different sterling silver manufacturer if you have experienced a significant drop in sales and explore other options for the items that you want to carry in your store.

Work With a Quality Manufacturer

Sometimes the best place to start is at the beginning. It might be the quality of the silver products for retail that is causing the lack of sales. The products that you carry must be of high quality, manufactured with the greatest of care, and come in unique design options that will help your store to stand out from the competition. Choose a reputable sterling silver manufacturer with years of experience working directly with retail stores for best results. JT Inman Company has worked with small and large quantity sales to retailers since 1882. We take pride in the custom sterling silver objects, jewelry, and keepsake items that we design, manufacture, and sell. You can count on our products to enhance the reputation of your brand and provide your customers with quality gift options.

Choose Quality Silver Items

Sterling silver is the preferred level of quality for consumers. The silver products for retail that you sell should be marked 92.5 percent, representing the amount of pure silver in the alloy. Silver is always alloyed with another metal to enhance the strength, durability, and appearance of the finished product. The more you can learn about the sterling silver manufacturer and the materials that they use, the easier it will be to market these stock or custom sterling silver objects and items to your customers. If the item is not marked 92.5 or .925, other marks can include “sterling silver” or “silver,” but you will still want to be sure of the quality and grade. Ask the supplier for documentation for all of the items that you carry so you can show customers that they are genuine.

Provide Silver-Care Items for Consumers

Depending on the value of the retail supply sterling silver that you carry, you may want to include a silver care kit with the purchase of high-end jewelry and keepsakes or simply offer a care kit as an additional purchase. A simple how-to pamphlet that will help customers learn how to properly clean and safeguard their silver pieces is also a great way to interact with individuals and sell the custom sterling silver objects more effectively. Overcoming objectives is an excellent sales technique and, for most people, fear of tarnishing or lots of required effort is often an issue with purchasing silver. By showing customers how easy it is to care for their silver objects, you can boost sales and improve your relationship with each individual, winning them over for future sales at your shop.

Properly Showcase and Package Silver

Another seemingly small effort that can really pay off is learning how to properly showcase and package the silver products for retail to boost sales. Invest in quality pieces of cloth or satchels that can be used to individually wrap each item to protect it from dents, scratches, and tarnishing. Educate employees on how to care for, clean, and optimize the showcase opportunities for your silver pieces to help them stand out in your store. Consider special boxes and other packaging options to provide a quality gift-giving opportunity for your customers. Company branded colors and logos are also beneficial, helping customers to recognize your brand and know the quality of the item before they even open the box or bag.

Target Specific Sales Markets

Learning how to market your custom sterling silver objects to a particular type of customer can be a difficult skill to learn. However, once you pick up on this type of marketing, it can really set your business apart from the competition. Learn how to market your retail supply sterling silver directly to the bridal market for things like bridal party gifts, exquisite wedding favors, and thank-you items for parents and grandparents. Other special event marketing opportunities include birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions that often have a particular type or style of gift that is frequently given. Tap into even just one of these markets, and you can boost your sales significantly.

Quality Silver Products for Retail

If you are looking for a reputable sterling silver manufacturer right here in the United States, consider JT Inman Company. We have provided top quality custom sterling silver objects and silver products for retail to our clients for over 100 years. Since 1882 our name has been synonymous with quality, as our team of highly skilled and talented artisans continues to deliver stunning retail supply silver and custom options year after year. Browse our online catalog or contact our team direct by calling 508-226-0080 to place an order for sterling silver jewelry, objects, and keepsake items.