Top Marketing Tips for Success: Sterling Silver for Retailers

marketing tips for sterling silverLooking for new ways to boost sales for your fine sterling silver objects? It is crucial to have an understanding of the product and the target demographic that you are attempting to reach before investing time and money into marketing. Learning how to market silver objects can take a bit of time, but if you collect customer data and pay attention to who is buying what in your store, it can get a lot easier. When you purchase quality silver items to display in your store, it helps to have the confidence in knowing that everything on your shelves is made with artistic integrity. Whether you choose to sell custom sterling silver pieces or purchase catalog items in sterling silver for retailers, it is essential to really learn how to effectively market your best pieces.

Create a Memorable Display

One of the best ways to attract attention from passersby and increase traffic to your store is to learn the art of creating a memorable display. You can’t just slap a “sale” sign on your door and hope it brings in customers. Learn how to effectively use your windows to bring in new shoppers, boost sales, and let prospective buyers know what you have in store. Sterling silver for retailers can be used as a stand-alone display, behind-glass feature, or as part of a more significant window feature. Think about all of the different ways you can utilize your products and learn how to market silver objects more effectively. Start planning all of the windows that you will feature in the coming year right now and consider all of the product placement that you can use for each season.

Get People Talking

Sometimes a creative display becomes something even more provocative. Hot trends, topics, ideas, and issues can all become part of the showcase that you feature in your store window. Show your support for social issues, political campaigns, and community trends in a whole new way and attract attention to your store at the same time. Veer away from controversial issues to prevent backlash from potential buyers but learn all you can about what means the most to your shoppers and reflect that in your windows. Sterling silver for retailers can be sold to many different demographics and is available in a variety of price points. Don’t feel that you are restricted only to wealthier customers if you want to sell fine sterling silver products. All generations and budgets can afford to buy when you learn how to market silver objects and show your customers why they should choose silver gifts.

Seasonal Marketing

One way to always stay on-trend without worrying about crossing a line is to stick with the seasons and basic shopping holidays. Focus on winter, spring, summer, and fall, adding in bits and pieces to reference popular holidays and community events. When you purchase quality silver items, it is easy to integrate those pieces in with your seasonal marketing approach. Keepsake boxes, jewelry pieces, popular wedding and baby gifts, objects for men and women, special occasion pieces, and much more will practically sell themselves when you learn how to feature them effectively in your seasonal displays. Couple in-store marketing with local store ads, flyers, radio promotions, online marketing, and other techniques to maximize the return on your investment.

Run Sales That Make Sense

Be wary of running too many sales, discounts, and promotions, as they can quickly become white noise. It is challenging to create a sense of urgency to boost sales if customers know that you will run another sale each week. There is no reason to get up and go to the store now if the same deal – or maybe one that is even better – will be released in a few days. Provide your prospective buyers and regular, loyal customers with a reason to consider why to choose silver gifts and make the case for it in your sales ads and direct marketing programs. Sales should be to celebrate a new launch, new products, or even for seasonal or holiday purposes. Avoid sales-just-to-have-sales, which many businesses ultimately do out of desperation to boost receipts. To learn more about how to purchase quality silver items for your store or to see our catalog of sterling silver for retailers, contact JT Inman Company by calling 508-226-0080 or by visiting our website.