Learning how to successfully market and sell a specific type of product can be challenging, but the good news is that it can also pay off significantly if you know what you are doing. Silver products for retail are sold in many different types of stores across the country. Department stores, big box stores, gift shops, tourist traps, jewelry stores, and high-end shopping centers all carry a wide range of keepsake silver pieces based on the type of customers they serve. Silver white label manufacturing can help companies to build their brand while offering quality products in their retail stores. Before you purchase quality silver items to showcase in your store, make sure to take a moment to consider which objects would sell best to your target demographic.

Price Ranges for Keepsake Silver Pieces

The cost of sterling silver objects can vary widely, so it is a good idea to know what your customers would be willing to pay. Simple silver photo frames can make an elegant gift for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and birthdays or celebrate another landmark occasion in a person’s life. If you get a lot of customers who come in to buy gifts for friends and loved ones, it can be very smart to showcase a wide range of price options for keepsake silver pieces. Some shoppers will come in with a price in mind of what they want to spend, which can work in your favor or against you. By offering a range of price points for similar items, you will be able to please the interests and budgets of more customers. Marketing silver products for retail should include showcases throughout your store that will appeal to consumers based on the season, occasion, and quality of the item itself.

Coordinate Items in the Display

If you are showcasing a popular item in your display case that is in demand by consumers, make sure to include additional items that might also appeal to someone who would look at that product. Clothing trends can be matched with quality fine sterling silver jewelry pieces, and seasonal gifts can be paired with similar items in silver. Other examples might include placing a photo frame with the wedding gift area in May or June and putting religious medallions in a display that features seasonal holidays or other gifts for First Communion, Baptism, or Christenings. Jewelry stores should consider matching silver pieces in one area of the store separate from similar displays for gold and platinum. This will help your sales team to better market the specific metal materials to customers and offer multiple options to shoppers who specifically seek to purchase quality silver items.

Carry Quality Silver Objects

Build the reputation of your retail business on quality, and you’ll never go wrong. The silver products for retail that you choose should all be verified fine sterling silver quality with the 925, .925, or the word “sterling” stamped on the object. This is true for jewelry, household items, gifts, and other silver objects. If you do silver white label manufacturing, make sure to partner with a production company that has a solid reputation for producing quality items. If you can earn a reputation for providing the absolute best in everything that you sell, when customers begin to search for options to purchase quality silver items, they will know to come to your store. Word of mouth is still the most excellent form of advertising. For every happy customer, you may get a half-dozen or more referrals that will walk into your store.

Knowledge is Power

Another way to really sell your silver products for retail is to make sure that you and your staff are well-versed in everything having to do with this popular metal material. Cleaning, care, storage, and tips on how to properly wear silver can really help to increase consumer confidence. Popular belief surrounding silver jewelry is that it takes a lot to maintain. Everyone remembers their grandmother or mother struggling to polish the silver before the big holiday meal and doesn’t want to have to take on that kind of responsibility. However, the more you can learn about proper care for silver, the more you and your staff will be able to pass on that knowledge to your customers. Consider creating a how-to-care guide or brochure, offer silver cleaning products, or provide free samples of cleaners to a customer who makes a silver purchase to overcome this common objection.

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