The Changing Supply Chain: Prepare for Holiday Season Sales

holiday season salesIn 2022, it’s a whole new world of shipping and supply chain issues for retail stores to have to deal with while preparing for the holiday shopping season. The suppliers that you’ve worked with before to stock up for holiday sales might not be the vendors that you will work with this year simply because they cannot fill your order. Starting early can help, but in a downturn economy with uncertainty underscored by a war waging overseas, how much should you invest to prepare for holiday season sales under such inflation? One way to come out on top is to work directly with a trusted supplier, a manufacturer of the goods that you want to sell.

JT Inman Company designs and manufactures catalog and custom silver items for retailers – and we are located right here in New England. No overseas shipping issues, delayed cargo or uncertainty concerning goods. You can count on us to help you with your holiday silver sales. Our quality craftsmanship sterling silver is available in a wide variety of proven designs with options for everyone on your customers’ shopping list. Enamel and classic jewelry styles, keepsake items, holiday ornaments, home décor, and much more can all be found in our online catalog.

Supply Chain Issues Anticipated to Continue

Industry experts predict that the supply chain issues that began during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue all through 2022 – and perhaps even longer. Shipping cannot keep up with the increased demand for goods, and with labor shortages in the US for both warehousing and transportation, it is only a matter of time until we see another product crisis in the news. Products sourced and made right here in the US might be the answer. Instead of waiting for items to arrive from an overseas vendor, consider looking closer to home. This could also benefit our nation’s economy, encouraging retailers to buy American when they look to stock their holiday shelves.

At JT Inman Company, we have been designing and manufacturing quality craftsmanship sterling silver since 1882 – we are not a new and untested supplier, and we have earned a solid reputation that we have maintained for generations. Our catalog and custom silver items for retailers are the perfect choices to help store owners and managers prepare for holiday season sales. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, our team of highly skilled and experienced artisans creates some of the most beautiful pieces to boost your holiday silver sales. We work with department stores, big brands, online shops, small businesses, gift stores, boutiques, and a wide range of other clients to provide them with the products they need to satisfy their customers’ need for quality gifts and products.

Your Source for Sterling Silver Gifts

Our objective at JT Inman Company is to become your source for sterling silver gifts of high quality and originality. Whether you want to order upscale fine sterling silver brush and comb sets, engravable photo frames, or intricately designed jewelry, we can help you to achieve your goals. Our fine sterling silver materials are stamped according to the industry standard, so you can sell them quickly and easily to your customers who know how to spot quality silver pieces. Our custom silver items for retailers can help you to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from your local competitors.

The artistic integrity and craftsmanship of our product allows you to choose the perfect gift, item, object, or jewelry piece to sell proudly in your store. Our team of artisans is at your service to assist you in creating custom silver items or customizing existing designs according to your specifications. Whether you choose to order a piece from our online catalog or prefer a custom creation, we at JT Inman Company look forward to providing you with the gifts and products you need to prepare for holiday season sales – or for special occasions and general gift-giving throughout the year. Contact our team by calling 508-226-0080 to speak with one of our customer sales agents or use our online contact form to request a call back at your convenience. We can answer any questions you might have about our quality craftsmanship sterling silver and help you get the products you need to boost your holiday silver sales this coming season.