Purchasing jewelry can be a very emotional and personal experience. Some customers are looking for special occasion gifts to give to a loved one, while others may be shopping for a certain type of ring that could change their life forever. Sterling silver jewelry offers your customers the opportunity to purchase a precious metal that will hold its value at an affordable price. Less expensive than gold or platinum, silver still offers a “wow factor” when given as a personal expression of love or even as custom corporate gifts. There are certain types of jewelry that will sell themselves, while others may require a bit more effort by you and your sales team. Proven jewelry sales techniques can be used to sell high-value sterling silver jewelry, as well as more affordable bracelets, earrings, and charms, such as silver enamel jewelry items.

Prevent Sticker Shock

One way to increase sales is to allow the customer to browse, handle or even try on jewelry before revealing the price. This is a technique that is not designed to deceive the customer, as they still will not buy it if they can’t afford it, but it prevents them from focusing solely on the price when making a decision. You need to find out what the customer wants, the type of jewelry, and the person they are purchasing it to help seal the deal. Another way to help customers achieve their goals without breaking the bank is to offer financing options. This is crucial for many jewelry stores, regardless of the economy or retail market. Certain items will be more likely to seek financing than others, so it pays to be prepared.

Avoid Pushy Sales Techniques

We’ve all been to that used car lot where the salesman pushed and pushed until he made the sale. Shopping for jewelry is not the same thing at all. A pushy salesperson will turn away the customer more often than not, especially one that seems like they are in a hurry to see the customer go. Give each customer who comes into your store to view your sterling silver jewelry the opportunity to touch, try on, or look at the piece they are interested in for as long as they want. When they ask to see something, simply present it to them, let them hold it and examine it, but say nothing. They have already expressed an interest in the item enough to want to handle it, so there’s no reason to say anything at all. In most cases, this is the moment when jewelry is able to sell itself the best.

The More You Know

Take time to work with your sales staff and make sure that they know all there is to know about your sterling silver jewelry and silver enamel jewelry items. One of the most frequently heard objections to purchasing silver is concerns about cleaning and care. Offer a free how-to brochure that shows the right way to care for sterling silver design products. This might alleviate worries that could stop the sale and provide the consumer with the confidence necessary to complete the purchase. Demonstrations are also helpful. Have your sales team ready with the proper polishing cloths so they can show how to buff out any smudges and avoid tarnishing. Consider giving a free polishing kit, cloth, or sample set to each customer when they purchase your silver jewelry.

Sell Cleaning Accessories

Make sure to present and effectively market any accessories that would be necessary to make the sale and keep the customer coming back for more. Storage boxes, pouches, and cleaning refill kits should be featured in your display case area to increase sales. If someone is purchasing your high-quality sterling silver jewelry for a loved one, they may want to also buy the storage and cleaning products to give at the same time. Always include a business card, brochure, or other contact information so the customer and possibly the gift recipient can contact you with any questions. The more you can do to be proactive as a knowledgeable and helpful sales and customer service representative, the easier it will be to sell your fine jewelry and silver enamel jewelry items.

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