Whether you run a souvenir shop, gift shop, or another type of store in a high tourism area, you know how important it is to stock the right seasonal products. While there is a time and place for kitschy bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and key chains, summer silver products are classic silver gift items that sell particularly well in the summer months. There is a direct correlation between summer and silver. Perhaps it’s just the way that quality craftsmanship sterling silver looks next to tanned skin on the beach, or maybe it’s the “wow” factor that silver brings to everything from seahorse earrings on the beach to keepsake photo frames to remember that summer spent on vacation; but whatever it is, silver has got it in spades.

Summer Souvenirs

Tourist-heavy shops would do well to stock classic silver gift items, including jewelry, charms, tags, and other keepsakes. Summer silver products sell well, especially next to yellow gold and other contrasting gift items. Silver production for retailers through JT Inman Company features a wide range of catalog options on our website, as well as the opportunity for custom-designed and white label products to sell at your store. Quality craftsmanship sterling silver is easy to spot and makes a nice gift option for the more discerning shopper who wants to make a statement. Whether as a memory item for themselves or a thank-you gift to the friend who fed their pet while they were away, silver gifts always make a big impression on the recipient.

Baby Showers

Summer is a popular time for baby showers. It seems as though everyone is expecting these days. Baby rattles, cups, spoons, photo frames, and other treasured gift items should be made available in your retail shop to ensure that you corner this very popular market. Not just for first babies, many couples are now hosting showers, gender reveals, and welcome home events for second, third, and even fourth children. Make sure to take advantage of this trend and remember the popularity of these summer silver products for baby showers. Baby jewelry is also a big trend in various cultures, so make sure to consider carrying several pieces that will fit this bill as well.

Father’s Day

While Mother’s Day is one of the biggest gift-giving holidays in the United States, next only to Christmas and Valentine’s Day, it pays to carry gifts for dad and grandfather at your gift shop for those who want to get a gift for Father’s Day. Celebrate this June holiday with classic silver gift items, including desk accessories, cufflinks, bookmarks, belt buckles, money clips, and key rings. You can also find quality craftsmanship sterling silver gifts, including pocket watches, compasses, buck knives, toothpicks, collar stays, luggage tags, and much more. Summer silver products like these are a great way to let someone know how much they mean to you. Even if only a small fraction of your customers are actively searching for gifts, you should at least carry a few of these items to make sure you get the sale.


Another group of gift recipients that should be remembered in the summer are graduates. High school students, college students, and those who have earned advanced degrees should be honored with classic silver gift items. Business card cases, elegant brush and comb sets, charms, jewelry items, and much more can all be given as gifts to graduates. Summer silver products can range from the trendy to the practical, depending on the individual. Make sure to have a wide selection of quality craftsmanship sterling silver available for your customers to choose from when they are searching for silver gift items. Silver production for retailers can include specialized gifts for graduates, including photo frames and cufflinks, depending on your specific needs.

Create a Targeted Display

The best way to make sure that you get the sale to these special customers is to create a targeted display based on your local demographics. Gift shops near a large college or in a community where graduations are very celebrated would do well to carry a lot of items that reflect this need. On the other hand, souvenir stands in tourist-rich areas should present classic silver gift items, jewelry, and other keepsakes, displaying them prominently for everyone to see when they come in the door. Holiday-based displays are also popular, including items for Father’s Day and in preparation for the busy holiday season. Some people start shopping early, so make sure to include a wide selection of options that might catch their eye when they come into your store.

Quality craftsmanship sterling silver products are available in a wide range of price points as silver production for retailers. Choose items based on your customer base, location, and current market. Our team of friendly customer service agents can help you place an order for summer silver products or start planning now for the holidays. Give us a call at 508-226-0080 at our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts.