Summer Sales and Promotions: Fine Sterling Silver Products

artistic silver salesAs summer kicks into high gear around the northern hemisphere, tourist gift shops, hotels, and local shopping boutiques are preparing for visitors from all around the globe. Whether you run an elegant beachfront shop in South Florida or have a traditional gift shop on Martha’s Vineyard, it is essential to maximize the potential of your traffic to get the most sales. Catalog and custom silver items for retailers are quite popular with vacationers who are always looking for a nice gift to bring home to a neighbor for watching the family dog or to get for family while they are away. It is possible to sell silver in retail stores even during a high inflation economy. Fine sterling silver products are always appreciated and in demand no matter where you go or what’s happening in local economics.

Create an Enticing Display

The only way to sell anything is to find a way to feature it in your store – or even on a website – in a way that captures the attention and excitement of your customers. Get those summer vibes going, and use your location to work it for you. Out on the beach? Get some netting, shells, and colorful florals to mix in with your display of artistic silver object manufacturing products. Choose from a wide range of options to share in this spot, including shiny bangles and chains that look beautiful against tanned summer skin and classic thank-you gift items, such as keepsake boxes, keychains, and other fine sterling silver products. Wherever you are located, make sure to employ elements from the local area to incorporate into your display. You might be sick of living in the desert, but tourists paid good money to travel there and spend their vacation exploring the region.

You need to remember that you are not alone. Retail sales is a highly competitive market at this time, especially in tourist markets. Vacationers are still spending as they travel, but not as much as in recent years. You’ll want to work harder to capture those sales before they spend their souvenir dollars elsewhere. Even if you sell lots of other items, including coffee cups and flip flops with your town or state emblazoned on them, make sure to create space to sell silver in retail stores. Choose from a range of price points to allow for all shoppers to find something they will love and want to take home to remember their trip. Personalized keychains, lockets, luggage tags, and more can all be great sellers for gift shops, tourist boutiques, and other local stores.

Find Your Niche

When you take the time to learn all you can about the customers who come into your store and pay attention to what they ask about and what they are buying, it can pay off in increased sales. The jewelry and souvenir accessories market can be extremely competitive, but if you are able to identify your niche, you will stand out from the crowd. Think about when you have gone on trips – each tourist shop stands out on its own from the others in the items that it offers or the way that the products are displayed. What do you love? What does your local area stand for and represent that might be attracting tourists to your area? Areas that are big on preserving the local environment might want to go with eco-friendly products that are made sustainably. Areas that are big on outdoor adventure might consider designs that reflect this type of lifestyle.

Fine sterling silver products are much different than costume jewelry or cheaper jewelry products that you often see sold by street vendors. Make sure that your retail shop stands out from these other types of stores by creating a luxurious look and feel with your décor. You can offer fine jewelry in a bougie atmosphere while still homing in on that beach or lakefront vibe. Take time to learn all that you can about your customers, the local area, and what is attracting them to your part of the world. This will help you to successfully sell to them when they walk through your door. Contact JT Inman Company to learn more about artistic silver object manufacturing for retail partners right here in the US. You can reach our team at 508-226-0080 or browse our online catalog to see the quality products we design and manufacture in our New England facility.