sterling silver jewelryRecent statistics show that over 29 million people purchased jewelry online in 2018. That’s a massive market of consumers who might be looking to buy sterling silver jewelry from your brick and mortar or online store. Selling jewelry is big business, so it is essential to carve out your niche and set yourself apart from the competition. Whether you sell locally to customers in your local area, or broaden your reach with online sales, get started by learning all you can about your customers. Do they buy a lot of gifts for family and friends or do they primarily shop for themselves? You might be surprised to learn that these tiny details are powerful when it comes to choosing the best fine sterling silver products for your store.

Jewelry is a billion dollar market. It can be sold at many different types of stores. Silver enamel jewelry items are popular gifts, making them an excellent choice for gift shops, tourist souvenir stands, and even major retailers or big box stores. Sterling silver jewelry already has a solid reputation for quality. The only thing you need to sell is the design and attract the right customer base that is interested in purchasing these fine sterling silver products. If you already sell a lot of gifts and keepsake items, the chances are high that adding new sterling silver design options to your store will be a smart choice.

Learning About the Jewelry Market

Another way to determine the best course for selling fine sterling silver products is to look at market statistics. Currently, studies show that nearly 50 percent of the jewelry market involves the sale of diamonds, either in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other products. However, the next significant sales demographic is precious metals, which takes nearly 20 percent of the market. Sterling silver jewelry falls into this category, as sterling silver is one of the top sold precious metals alongside gold and platinum. Gemstones and pearls, watches, and random jewelry items make up the other 30 percent of the market, which may or may not even match up with your target consumer.

When considering sterling silver design for jewelry, you can purchase stock items from a catalog or create your own custom sterling silver jewelry through a reputable manufacturer like JT Inman Company. We work with each client to help them find the best fine sterling silver products to sell in their store. Your success is our success, so a mutually beneficial working relationship is profitable to everyone. We can assist with catalog, custom, and white label opportunities, depending on your immediate needs. You can always expand your product line and start selling other options in your store as your business grows.

Some of the most widely sold precious metal jewelry items include:

  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • anklets
  • baby jewelry
  • chains
  • cufflinks
  • earrings
  • enamels
  • keepsake jewelry

Making Your Mark in Retail

Whether you already have an established retail business or if you are just getting started, it pays to stay up on all of the latest fashion trends and consumer interests when you sell jewelry products in your store. Sterling silver jewelry is something that never goes out of style. It is often much higher quality than other similar products and can be passed down from generation to generation while holding its value. This is why so many keepsake or milestone items are made with sterling silver design. It is something that you keep and never throw away, even if you don’t use it every day.

Keep your displays fresh, on-trend, and seasonal to maximize the potential for sales of fine sterling silver products. Storefront windows, website showcases, and catalog displays can be a great way to attract attention while also marketing your other products at the same time. Consumers are always on the look for new pieces to add to their collection, so make sure you give it to them with a regularly updated display of sterling silver jewelry. When your customers start looking for a new trend in silver enamel jewelry items or keepsake jewelry, make sure you are prepared so you won’t lose the sale.

Place Your Order Online

You can work with JT Inman Company over the phone or online by using our catalog to browse our selections of silver enamel jewelry items and other fine sterling silver jewelry. Take advantage of our high-quality products to sell in your retail store and corner the market on sterling silver design in your local market. If you would like to speak with a representative, you can reach us at 508-226-0080 or use our website to contact one of our team members. We look forward to helping you with your needs for fine sterling silver products for retail.