retail sterling silver jewelryWith so many people buying affordable jewelry online, it can be challenging for brick-and-mortar jewelry stores to get a full understanding of their target demographic. High-end sales like diamonds and keepsake silver pieces are always going to sell, but what about the mid-range and affordable options for sterling silver jewelry. Learning how to boost sales in a retail store is all about learning your market, gearing products toward your primary audience, and being prepared for just about anyone who might walk through that door. The best thing to do is to create an experience that will speak to prospective customers and encourage them to buy from your store instead of going somewhere else.

Sterling Silver for Retailers

What type of purchases do your customers make right now? Do they buy gifts for someone else, make personal purchases for themselves, or usually bring the recipient with them to let them pick the item out? It is typically a mix of these scenarios at most jewelry shops, so it pays to consider what the experience might be for all three of these kinds of customers. Gift-buying is a fun feeling. Just think about how happy some people are during the holiday season when they get to shop for silver enamel jewelry items and other sterling silver for retailers to give to someone they love. Make sure to create a warm and exciting experience for the gift-givers and train your team on how to sell to this type of customer.

Personal shoppers also require a unique experience – a showcase of items that are clustered together by style, design, and type that will pique their interest and encourage them to make a selection. Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction to give them a reason to splurge on themselves and get that sterling silver jewelry that they have always wanted. And when a customer brings the recipient of the gift with them, whether it is as a birthday, anniversary, or some other type of milestone presentation, your sales team needs to be ready and know how to facilitate this type of sale as well. Clearly, they have come to your retail store to make a purchase, they just need to be encouraged to make a selection rather than just looking and walking away.

Staff Makes a Difference

Start by working with your sales team and teach them how to identify the different types of customers that typically walk through the door. They need to be warm and friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful while understanding that many jewelry purchases are emotional. It’s not like a computer, where it’s all about the facts and the stats on what the piece of equipment can do. With jewelry, it’s either buying something for a loved one, splurging on one’s self, or shopping together with a loved one to pick out something that will ultimately be a piece of milestone sterling silver jewelry. Make sure that your team smiles, acknowledges the customer when they come in, and creates an inviting experience.

When your employees learn the basics, they can start identifying the needs of the customers and then tailor their approach based on the information. Instead of just mindless chatter, your staff should learn how to ask meaningful questions that will get them the answers they need to adjust their sales technique without sounding too pushy. Sometimes a customer won’t know what they want or will just be browsing, but most people walk into a jewelry store with some level of intent or an idea of what they want to find. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other silver enamel jewelry items should be showcased carefully to attract attention and convert that walk-in into a customer.

Create a Unique Experience

How many jewelry stores are there in the city or town where you live? How many are on the same street as your store? You need to do some research and find a way to separate the experience at your retail store from all those other jewelry shops. What is unique about your store and the items that you sell? How do your employees work with customers compared to those other locations? Take a look at things like decor, layout, pricing, policies, and the type of sterling silver jewelry that is carried at the other shop. See what you have that makes you different and make an effort to stand out even more as an individual. Think about why customers would choose your shop over another and then run with it in your marketing to expand your reach.

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