Special Occasion Silver Items to Stock in Your Retail Store

One of the best products to carry in your retail store if you do any type of gift, holiday, or tourist sales is classic silver gift items. Once you study your demographics and get a feel for who shops at your store, what brings them in, and what they ultimately buy, it will be easier to figure out the price points that you want to stay with for your retail supply sterling silver. Instead of going with cheap costume jewelry made from who-knows-what metal in who-knows-where country, your customers will appreciate being able to purchase quality sterling silver objects and jewelry made right here in the USA.

Sterling Silver for Retailers

Special occasion silver items are perfect for many different types of celebrations. In fact, silver is one of the most highly prized metals and is considered to be a precious metal, alongside gold and platinum. Silver holds its value and is known as the generational metal, as it is one of the most likely materials to be handed down between the generations. Granny’s silverware, your mother’s silver locket, your great-aunt’s silver tea set – these are all coveted possessions that retain value and frequently exceed the original purchase price. Retail supply sterling silver is a top quality gift item and has been for centuries. History dates all the way back to as far as 3100 B.C., when silver was a gift of honor for Egyptian rulers.

JT Inman Company has provided retailers with classic silver gift items since 1882. Handcrafted and sold here in the United States, we have a global reputation for delivering quality goods. Our company dates back to the days when the term “silver spoon” was first coined. People will still gifts of silver spoons at baby showers, Christenings, Baptisms, and other religious events. The 25th marriage anniversary is known as the “silver anniversary,” where an array of silver gifts are given to honor a wife or couple in celebration of such a landmark achievement. Silver bells are well-known to be traditional favorites during the holiday season and are popular gifts for family, friends, and loved ones each year.

Affordable Retail Supply Sterling Silver

You might be surprised to learn that while silver is a precious metal, it is also very affordable. Compared to gold and platinum, it is by far the most cost-effective investment. Silver objects are popular holidays, weddings, birthdays, graduation, anniversary, baby shower, and retirement gifts because they make a big impression yet are surprisingly affordable. Silver is attractive, does not come off as a cheap or thrifty gift, and comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. Classic silver gift items include lockets, photo frames, keepsake boxes, and bracelets. Silver spoons, chains, personal pieces, and more are also highly sought and prized.

The silver itself is a naturally occurring metal that is found as-is in the earth. In its natural state, it is too soft and malleable to be used for jewelry or the manufacturing of other popular special occasion silver items. Sterling silver is an agreed-upon term in the industry and represents an alloy that consists of a minimum of 92.5 percent silver combined with another metal. The most common alloyed metal is copper, as it matches silver in its shine and brilliance. You will see cheaper metals used, such as nickel, which can cause allergic reactions in the wearer. Unfortunately, this is why many people think that they can’t wear silver, yet it actually has more to do with the alloy than anything else. You will commonly see sterling silver marked with the signs 92.5, 925, or .925, as well as the abbreviation STER or the word STERLING engraved somewhere on the piece.

Classic Silver Gift Items for Retail

Contact JT Inman directly by calling our customer service agents at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our catalog sterling silver for retailers and custom design opportunities. Browse our online catalog to get an idea of what we sell in the way of special occasion silver items. You can count on our team of highly skilled and trained artisans to provide you with quality retail supply sterling silver for your store.