As you grow your retail business, it is a good idea to start looking around for ways to separate your business from local competitors. You want to stand out from the crowd – in a positive way – and build a solid reputation for your brand. One way to achieve this is by offering things for sale in your store that no one else has. Special occasion silver items, such as silver enamel jewelry items and other sterling silver for retail, can be used to set you apart. Whether you own and operate a jewelry store, department store, gift shop, or some other type of retail venue, artistic silver object manufacturing can be a great way to get customers to notice your business.

Spotting Retail Trends

Learning how to spot consumer marketing trends and choose objects to sell in your store that will be popular items is also a great way to get your shop on the map. Some people just have a gift for guessing what the next shopping trend will be, while others take the time to study marketing data and make a more informed decision on which sterling silver for retailers to stock. This isn’t just for the big shopping holiday season, but for sales all year long. The more you know about your customer base, what they are interested in buying, and how much they want to spend, the easier it will be to give them what they want.

There are many traditional items that will continue to sell well in spite of trends. While everyone wants to get their hands on those popular silver enamel jewelry items, the silver photo frames and executive desk sets are still flying off the shelves for gift-giving. Once you identify the big sellers within your own store and can estimate what shoppers will want, you can begin to expand to other options for artistic silver object manufacturing and maybe even experiment with custom products. Keepsake gifts, holiday products, and jewelry are some of the more popular items that are always in demand, but depending on the area where your store is located and the target market that you are reaching, there may be others as well.

Partner With JT Inman Company

Since 1882, we have designed and manufactured special occasion silver items, jewelry, and gifts for retailers in North America and around the globe. We have earned a solid reputation for our artistic silver object manufacturing and offer a wide range of options in sterling silver for retailers. Choose from an expansive array of silver enamel jewelry items and fine sterling silver jewelry pieces that are perfect for personal purchases and gift-giving opportunities. We can supply you with quality pieces that you will be proud to sell and offer options for custom design and manufacturing that you can use to set your brand apart even further from local competitors.

To save time and money, consider our white label product opportunities, which provide retailers with the ability to place their brand on our proven products. White label is an excellent way to get a leg up on the competition while protecting your brand at the same time. Instead of investing in research and development to create your own products in-house, let our team of designers and craftsmen create special occasion silver items and jewelry pieces that you can sell as your own. Speak with one of our representatives to find out more about partnering with JT Inman Company for sterling silver for retailers. Whether you shop from our catalog, choose custom items, or participate in the white label program, we can help you to achieve your goals and expand your sales.

Sterling Silver for Retailers

Browse our online catalog to see our full line of sterling silver for retailers. Choose from occasion-specific items, such as baby gifts, wedding presents, and corporate items, as well as general products that can be sold and enjoyed year-round. We also have options for holiday shopping, including our popular annual sterling silver ornament collection. Each year we have a new design and style available for retailers to feature in their stores. To learn more about all of these opportunities for sterling silver for retailers, give us a call at 508-226-0080 or use our online contact form to reach out to a representative.