Special Occasion Silver Items: Fine Sterling Silver for Retail

There are many things in life that come in varying degrees of quality. You can buy regular or premium gasoline for your car, choice or premium beef for your dinner table, and can even get basic or premium jam for your toast. When it comes to silver, there are actually several different types that are used by manufacturers to make special occasion silver items, such as jewelry, keepsake pieces, and gifts. As a retail shop owner or manager, it is in your best interest to know the difference. First, it will help you to ensure that you are offering your customers items of the highest quality when you stock fine sterling silver products. Second, the more you know about silver, the more information you can pass on to your customers and help them purchase quality silver items. Third, it is easier to sell fine sterling silver for retailers when you know as much as you can about your product.

Silver Jewelry

There are certain situations where you might see jewelry or products that do not indicate what type of silver was used to make the item. Pure silver is not used in the manufacture of jewelry or objects, as it is too soft and malleable to be used realistically for something that will be handled and used. Quality silver should be marked with approved industry stamps. This indicates the purity level and, in some cases, might even identify the alloy that was used. In most cases, silver that is simply called “silver jewelry” with no other industry markings will typically turn out to be silver-plated, which will wear off after a while, leaving you with a dull metal piece. Be wary of “silver” items with no markings.

Fine Silver

This is the purest silver used for making jewelry. It is hypoallergenic, lustrous, and white, but it can lose its shape and is not very durable due to its high percentage of silver. Sometimes called fine silver or pure silver, this is the closest you can get to 100% silver when it comes to jewelry. It is typically made with 99.9 percent pure silver and .1 percent other elements. It is not recommended for jewelry or keepsake items, as it is simply too malleable and soft to be practical. The hallmark or stamp for this type of silver is .999 or .999FS, which stands for fine silver.

Fine Sterling Silver Products

This is by far the most famous silver alloy used in the design and manufacture of special occasion silver items, quality jewelry, and keepsake gifts. It is what we use at JT Inman Company to create our fine sterling silver products. Durable, workable, wearable, and typically hypoallergenic, when you purchase quality silver items for your store, your customers can be confident that they are buying the best. Used for centuries, fine sterling silver is considered to be the “standard” silver alloy for most parts of the world.

Comprised of 92.5 percent pure silver with 7.5 percent copper, this combination is much more durable, more wearable, and is considered to be a generational material, as it can be handed down through the family, maintaining its shape, design, and value. The hallmark or stamp for this type of silver is .925, .925 STG, which stands for sterling, and older vintage pieces may bear the marks of STER, STG, or STERLING instead of the numbers. It is essential to learn all you can about sterling silver for retailers, as some manufacturers will use nickel instead of copper for the alloy. Nickel causes allergic reactions in many individuals, and copper provides a brighter shine that better matches the luster of silver.

Purchase Quality Silver Items at JT Inman Company

If you are interested in stocking your retail or online store with fine sterling silver products, look no further than JT Inman Company. Since 1882, we have earned a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing fine sterling silver for retailers. You can see our products sold as white-label jewelry and objects at some of the best retail stores in the world. Give us a call at 508-226-0080 to speak with a representative or reach out to our team to discuss our special occasion silver items and jewelry via our website.