Whenever you visit a retail store of any kind, you are likely faced with the decision of buying a national brand or white label product. You might not even realize it, but that store brand product has most likely been made by a trusted and well-known manufacturer. The only difference is that white label opportunities like this allow the retailer to brand the product themselves, putting their name, logo, and company information on the label. So, while it might appear that the store invested in research and development to create quality products to sell to their customers, they really took advantage of what is known in the industry as white label or private label manufacturing.

This type of manufacturing is used in nearly every type of business, from food production to consumer electronics. The giant bags of store-brand coffee beans at your favorite big box store were likely made and packaged by one of the top coffee shops in the nation but are sold under the store brand name instead. Silver white label manufacturing is used by department stores, jewelry stores, and other well-known retail organizations around the world. Many of the white label sterling silver objects that we manufacture and sell at JT Inman Company have likely graced the pages of top fashion and product magazines that you have seen with your own eyes. White label silver products for retail could be just the thing to take your commercial business to the next level and help you to build a reliable and trusted brand with your target consumer demographic.

How Does White Label Work?

Unlike custom-designed silver objects, which require a degree of research and development (R&D) investments that take time and money, white label opportunities provide options for products that are already tested, proven, and in production. JT Inman Company manufactures the white label sterling silver objects, and our customers brand those items with their own company name and logo to sell directly to their customers. When you start thinking about all the big name jewelry companies and department stores that sell their own products under their corporate name, you begin to see just how many are taking advantage of silver white label manufacturing. A strong brand name and reputation requires quality products designed to support consumer confidence, and that’s just what our fine sterling silver objects can deliver at JT Inman Company.

In some situations, white label products can be easily spotted when you think about “store brand” food items and other things for sale at big box stores, grocery stores, and retail outlets. However, they can be a bit trickier to spot at department stores and other retail shopping experiences, where white label products are integrated in with other top brand name items. Some companies might work with multiple white label opportunities to sell gift items, collectible pieces, jewelry, and other consumer goods, including electronics, accessories, and more. When you contact JT Inman Company to discuss our options for silver white label manufacturing, we will go over all of the details regarding the catalog of silver products for retail that can be used in this way. Custom or even semi-custom items could also be a possibility for clients who want to really maximize the benefits of sterling silver white label opportunities.

The Advantages of White Label Opportunities

Because the products you sell are manufactured by a third party, there are many clear advantages. The first is that the product itself does not have to go through the process of research and development (R&D) or product testing. The only thing you have to focus on as a retailer is the packaging, branding, and marketing of the product to your target customer base. You could even outsource some of this work as well to further streamline the process, hiring a team of experts to work on packaging and branding, another to focus on consumer marketing, and then take care of selling the item in-house. White label opportunities provide a lot of benefits, but by far, the ability to save time, money, and energy with regard to production and marketing costs is the clear winner.

Learn more about white label sterling silver objects and white label opportunities at JT Inman Company when you call our team at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our silver products for retail and go over the details for silver white label manufacturing. Call today and see why so many of our customers rely on JT Inman Company for quality fine sterling silver manufacturing.