One of the most significant objections to purchasing fine sterling silver surrounds concerns about cleaning care and storage. Nearly everyone has seen tarnished silver and has heard about all the work that goes into maintaining and cleaning it. As a result, some people shy away from purchasing silver jewelry and keepsake items, opting instead for gold or platinum. This is another situation when knowledge is power. The more information you can share with your customers about silver care tips and silver storage solutions, the easier it will be to make the sale. Silver care and storage tips can be shared verbally with customers and then underscored by providing them with a printed brochure or pamphlet with care and storage tips. Some retailers even go the extra mile and offer a complimentary cleaning cloth or provide discounted pricing on storage products to help seal the deal.

Prioritizing Storage of Silver

The way that silver is stored when not in use can have a considerable impact on how frequently it needs to be cleaned to prevent and protect from tarnishing. According to the silver experts at Christie’s, silver should be wrapped in dry, acid-free tissue paper and placed inside cotton or tarnish-proof bags. Keeping your silver pieces away from smoke, rubber, newspaper, felt, velvet, wool, and household paints is also advised. The storage box that is chosen also plays a role. Experts recommend that oak furniture be avoided, such as oak boxes or oak jewelry boxes, due to the natural acidity of the wood.

The Right Way to Clean

Tarnish will eventually appear on silver items, even when they are correctly stored. It can be identified as a dull, black, or dark gray film. Certain products designed for cleaning silver can be used. However, make sure that the products you recommend for care and storage tips were created for the type of silver that you are selling. Silver jewelry may require different cleaning and silver storage solutions, while large pieces should be handled with care, and cleaner should be used sparingly. Too much cleaning product can make it difficult to rinse and dry thoroughly, especially if it gets into decorative areas. Good silver polish will leave a protective layer behind on the item’s surface.

Be careful not to over-clean your silver items. This is one of the best silver care tips that you can provide to your customers. It can be tempting to dedicate time to cleaning fine sterling silver on a regular basis to prevent tarnish built-up, but too much cleaning can damage your silver pieces. This is especially true with engraved or embossed objects. Proper silver storage solutions can reduce the amount of exposure to environments that can result in tarnish and should be prioritized over excessive cleaning habits.

Demonstrating Care and Storage Tips

Another excellent approach for retailers who sell fine sterling silver is to train staff on the proper care and storage of silver pieces so they can demonstrate it for customers. Many of these silver care tips can be shared in just a few minutes, helping shoppers see just how easy it is to provide a proper cleaning of fine sterling silver. Consider featuring cleaning supplies, including products and cloths, as well as silver storage solutions in the same area where you showcase your silver jewelry and objects for sale. This will help your staff be able to overcome objections and share care and storage tips without missing a beat.

Quality Products Matter

If you are going to go to the trouble to share information and silver care tips with your customers, make sure that the silver objects and jewelry that you carry in your retail store meet high standards for quality. When shoppers know how to identify fine sterling silver from cheap, low-quality silver, they will begin to look for the 92.5, 925, and STERLING markers on their own. Ensure that you work with a reputable provider like JT Inman Company to ensure that you are only showcasing the best quality silver objects and keepsake items in your store. You can contact our team at 508-226-0080 to speak with a sales associate about purchasing our silver products for retailers or browse our online catalog to get ideas for items that will sell well in your store.