Retailers are always on the lookout for new products that they can add to their stores in anticipation of consumer purchases for the holiday season. Silver gifts for holiday sales are always a popular choice. Silver is one of those timeless metals that holds its value, providing the recipient of the present with a lovely keepsake that they will treasure for many years to come. Silver keepsake items can come in many forms, including desk accessories for the executive, baby spoons and jewelry for a new parent, or even photo frames and treasure boxes for a beloved relative. Special occasion silver items are a great way to add a classic touch to the selections that you provide to your customers. JT Inman Company has a wide range of quality silver pieces in our catalog for you to choose from to add to your stock.

Sterling Silver and Other Metals

Compared to other metals, sterling silver has remained a popular choice for generations. Silver production for retailers is on par with other precious metals, including gold and platinum. Pure silver is much too soft to use in the manufacture of silver gifts for holiday sales, but fine sterling silver is an alloy made with pure silver and quality copper. The addition of the copper provides the strength and durability that silver needs to be used for silver keepsake items, jewelry, and collectible pieces while maintaining the beautiful luster that people expect from objects made from silver.

Other benefits of silver compared to other precious metals include:

  • COST – while considered a precious metal, silver is still the most affordable of the three, making it an excellent choice for those who want high-quality pieces without having to invest as much as they would for gold or platinum
  • WEIGHT – another reason why silver keepsake items are so popular is that silver is also the lightest of the precious metals; this makes it ideal for jewelry, medals, ornaments, and other pieces that are more practical being of a lighter weight
  • STRENGTH – while lighter in weight, sterling silver gifts for holiday sales will be much stronger, more resistant to scratching, and durable due to the alloy with copper; platinum is a soft metal and can become scratched or damaged easily, while fine sterling silver is on par with white gold for durability
  • AESTHETICS – compared to white gold, which is often interchanged with sterling silver most often, the fine sterling silver will typically have a brighter tone than gold and platinum, which tend to have an ashy or gray appearance

Maintaining Silver Keepsake Items

Whenever you sell something to consumers, it pays to consider the potential objections that might come and figure out ways to overcome them in advance. While fine sterling silver production for retailers stands out in so many positive ways, it also has one concern that might cause customers to choose something else. Most people know that silver is vulnerable to tarnishing. This means that your sterling silver gifts for holiday sales will require more maintenance than other precious metals. Some customers might object to purchasing silver keepsake items because of this fact, but there is something you can do about it.

Consider adding a pamphlet or brochure near your silver display that educates customers about the proper care and maintenance for their fine sterling silver objects and jewelry. Carry the proper tools for care and, depending on the price of the object, consider including them in as a “care kit” for customers to include with their special occasion silver items. You can also sell the “care kit” that you make up as a special offering to help make it easier to sell your high quality silver keepsake items to your customers. While some consumers already own fine sterling silver and won’t need convincing, it’s an excellent extra option for those who might be new to owning silver pieces or be wary about having to maintain them.

Silver Gifts for Holiday Sales

Quality made fine sterling silver objects and jewelry can easily hold their own against other precious metals. The more you can learn about the benefits and value of special occasion silver items, the easier it will be to sell them to your customers. You can browse our entire collection of silver keepsake items and objects in our online catalog or contact our team at 508-226-0080 to speak with one of our team members about purchasing our silver production for retailers.