Silver Keepsake Items: Classic Gifts for Year-Round Retail

classic silver gifts year roundThere are certain objects that have no calendar restrictions. Birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, new babies, and other celebrations happen throughout the year and, for many of these occasions, no gift outperforms like silver keepsake items. As sterling silver manufacturers in the USA, JT Inman Company has decades of experience working to design and create quality silver products for retail. We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the business to assist with branding opportunities for marketing silver for retail. Satisfy your customers’ need for quality gift items when you showcase fine sterling silver jewelry, objects, gifts, and collectibles in your retail store.

Browse Our Online Catalog

For a quick look at some of the many silver keepsake items that we design and manufacture, take a look at our online catalog. You can also contact our customer sales team directly for more information and professional recommendations for marketing silver for retail. From baby cups, spoon sets, and jewelry for baby showers, birth announcements, and milestone celebrations to tie clips, cufflinks, and desk accessories for professionals, we have a wide range of gift options that you can showcase in your store. Traditional sterling silver brush and comb sets, eye-catching bangles, personalized belt buckles, and more can all be found in our online catalog, available for retail sales.

High-quality enamels are extremely popular right now, and JT Inman Company has them in a variety of options to be placed proudly in your store display. Colorful earrings, keyrings, medallions, and even diaper pins in an array of designs, including religious, zodiac, nautical, and other sentiments, are trending high in the current market. Classic jewelry, including charm bracelets and chains, is perfect for department stores, gift shops, and even clothing boutiques. Keepsake mirrors, perfume flasks, pill boxes, and milestone gift ideas can provide customers with options when it comes to year-round purchases for loved ones, family, and friends.

Celebrate with Silver

Considered to be one of the precious metals alongside gold and platinum, silver has been around for centuries and has been adored by kings, queens, and everyday people for its natural appeal. Fine sterling silver, which is made from 92.5 percent pure silver and quality copper for added strength and shine, can be used to make many wearable and useful items. Known as a generational metal, silver is one of those materials that will be handed down through the generations to children and grandchildren because it holds its value. The value of silver products for retail is not just in the cost of the metal itself but in the memories that it makes with its owners.

Grandmother’s silver spoons, mother’s silver napkin rings, baby’s silver porringer, and a couple’s silver wedding photo frame engraved with their names and wedding date – these are the gifts that people hang onto and remember. These are the gifts that shoppers are looking to buy, something that will show how they feel about the recipient and to mark a special occasion. Silver gifts are a great way to say, “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” or to welcome a new member to the family. As sterling silver manufacturers in the USA, we have a lot of experience working with clients to create silver products that sell. You can rely on our many years of experience working with marketing silver for retail to increase your sales and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Quality Silver Keepsake Items

Since 1882, JT Inman Company has proudly designed and manufactured quality silver products for retail and custom objects, jewelry, and more for individual clients. We work with commercial businesses, corporate clients, and consumers who want to purchase silver keepsake items. Customized designs, as well as personalized and engraved pieces, can be a great way to even further mark an occasion. Even smaller pieces, like our fine sterling silver bookmarks, guitar picks, and letter openers, can be sold as quality gifts to discerning customers. To learn more about our catalog of sterling silver objects and jewelry or to speak with one of our team members about purchasing items for your retail store, give us a call at our Southeastern Massachusetts location by dialing 508-226-0080.