Silver Keepsake Items and Gifts: What is a Baby Porringer?

When it comes to purchasing quality gifts for a new baby, baby shower, or Christening, no other type of gift is as popular as fine sterling silver. The tradition of giving new parents a silver spoon has been handed down for centuries. Once considered a financial investment in the child’s future, either to cover childhood costs or saved for a dowry, wedding, or toward a purchase of a home, people continue to give silver keepsake items to babies and their parents today. As a sterling silver manufacturer, JT Inman Company makes a wide selection of items specifically for babies and young children. Sterling silver jewelry, keepsake boxes, and of course spoons and porringer sets.

Baby Porringers

Sometimes sold as a set with baby spoons and other silver keepsake items, baby porringers have been around for generations. The traditional vessel used to hold the baby’s foods and liquids, porringers are the perfect gift for new births, Christenings, birthdays, and other milestone occasions. There are many different styles and designs of porringers available in our online catalog, some with decorative designs and others that are simpler and made in the classic form. You can find porringers made from a variety of metals, including gold and pewter. However, the gold is often too pricey for most gift-giving situations, and pewter is just not as appreciated as silver. Keepsake silver jewelry and objects are more affordable than most people realize and therefore make an excellent gift designed to impress.

In its simplest definition, a porringer is a shallow bowl that originated during the medieval period in Europe. The original materials used for these bowls included wood, ceramic, pewter, and of course, silver. The style that features a flat, horizontal handle is bar far considered to be the most classic. In fact, there are silver porringers that can be found in museums around the world that were made centuries ago. Colonial porringers typically have a single handle, while European styles dictated the use of two handles on opposite sides. Engravings were sometimes made to bear the baby’s initials, and some designs also featured a lid. Some of the most famous colonial porringers were actually made by notable American Paul Revere.

Baby Cups and Spoons

Some of the other more popular gifts that we make as a sterling silver manufacturer for babies include baby cups and spoons. Elegant, classic, and, in some cases, decorative, silver baby cups and spoons are meant to be kept and cherished. A gift of honor, respect, and wishes of a long and prosperous life, silver keepsake items are often prized by both the parents and the child when they grow older. When stored and cared for properly, sterling silver jewelry and objects can retain their value and be handed down for generations. The custom of giving silver as a baby gift dates back to the Middle Ages and is very deep-rooted in tradition. Retail stores would do well to stock keepsake silver jewelry and objects for babies if they sell a lot of other baby items in their shop.

Birth Frames and Baby Jewelry

For those who want to give something unique and different at a baby shower or Christening, personalized birth frames and baby jewelry are also excellent choices for showing how much you care. Photo frames can be simple and engraved with the new baby’s name or ornate and include the birth date and detailed information, such as weight, length, time of birth, and other essentials. Our etched birth record frame is a very popular item and includes detailed decorative designs that look beautiful in any home nursery. Baby jewelry includes plain and embossed options in cross necklaces, bracelets, and other quality pieces that are perfect for baptisms, Christenings, and other religious ceremonies.

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