silver jewelry trendsEvery year brings a fresh new take on silver jewelry trends, providing retailers with the opportunity to capitalize on popular accessories to boost sales. This year is no different, as fashion magazines and celebrities are still showing off their favorite pieces online and inspiring consumer sales. Sterling silver jewelry is typically a safe bet for retailers, as it never really goes out of style. Silver is one metal that can be worn year-round and is perfect for designing everything from simple bangles to intricate chains and medallions. Special occasion silver items are also popular with consumers, including jewelry made specifically for babies and coming-of-age purchases, such as Quinceanera bracelets. Silver enamel jewelry items are also a growing demand with consumers, combining elegant fine sterling silver with bold and colorful enamels.

Sterling Silver Chains

Always in season, JT Inman Company has designed a variety of elegant chains for nearly every occasion. Choose from simple chains to more decorative pieces, depending on your target audience. Chains can be used with our popular medallions or sold alongside other charms and pieces in your retail store. Quality chains are often a challenge to find, so we offer this sterling silver jewelry in a wide range of sizes to best meet the needs of your customers.

Some examples of the chains that we sell include curb-style chain, wheat design with lobster claw, box chain with lobster claw, ball chain with fancy spring rings, snake chains, 10 mm bead chains, cable chains, and round chains. We also carry even more decorative options in our catalog, including a fine sterling silver snake chain with a 14 karat yellow gold ball or sterling silver ball, a square cable chain with an engraved silver heart or an engraved silver heart with rubies. Browse our chain section for even more options in silver jewelry trends.

Silver Bracelets and Bangles

One of the best-selling types of sterling silver jewelry is the bracelet. Bangles, charm bracelets, and fastened options are all excellent sellers in a variety of different retail environments. Department stores, jewelry stores, big-box stores, online shops, gift stores, and other retail businesses can be a great place to showcase these special occasion silver items. Excellent for personal purchases, gift items, or even as keepsake pieces, silver bracelets can be worn year-round and are just as popular during the winter holiday season as they are during the hot days of summer on the beach.

Some examples of our most popular bracelet designs include narrow and wide overlap bangle bracelets, interlocking bangles, single bangles, wide plain cuffs, as well as decorative bangles and cuffs. We also manufacture the popular chain I.D. bracelets, which can be engraved and personalized, and medical I.D. bracelets. Cable chain bracelets in a variety of sizes and styles, some with decorative sterling silver features, such as an engraved heart, heart with a diamond, and silver enamel jewelry items with enamel medals.

Silver Enamel Jewelry

While silver jewelry trends can come and go, silver enamel jewelry items have staying power. The enamel medals paired with our beautiful bangle and chain bracelets make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions, as well as purchases at tourist gift shops for keepsake memories. Nautical, religious, zodiac, equestrian, and other theme-specific designs are available in our catalog. The contrast between the deep, colorful enamels and the bright fine sterling silver create a striking piece that many customers will want to add to their collections.

Some examples of the silver enamel jewelry items in our catalog include a plain engravable center medal with a colorful enamel rim, St Christopher medals in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and a full spectrum of zodiac signs. These medals can be purchased with or without the coordinating chains, providing retailers with the opportunity to sell them as a set or as separate pieces. Nautical anchors, Cherub angels, Chinese Good Luck medallions, and other designs are available in earrings, bracelets, chain necklaces, keyrings, and other silver jewelry trends.

Browse Our Online Catalog

The best way to see all of the quality sterling silver jewelry items available for your retail store is to visit our website and browse our online catalog. If you have any questions about our silver enamel jewelry items, personalized or custom options, and other silver jewelry trends, you can reach our customer service staff directly by calling 508-226-0080. We can help you place your first order and offer details and insight about any of the items available in our catalog or through our white label and custom design programs.