One of the best things about investing in silver jewelry is that it never truly goes out of style. While some years might see light and airy pieces and other years see silver jewelry trends that are bigger and even a bit chunky, silver is always on-trend. From silver enamel jewelry items to keepsake pieces, as a sterling silver manufacturer in the United States, JT Inman Company has seen a lot of design styles come and go. Since 1882, we have proudly created some of the most memorable jewelry pieces and silver objects sold and treasured in America and around the globe. Suppose you are looking to stock your retail shop or online store with the latest silver jewelry trends. In that case, it pays to work with reputable manufacturers of silver jewelry and fine sterling silver keepsakes.

Larger Bangles and Bracelets

As you browse the latest fashion magazines and catalogs, you will notice right away that the size of the bangles and bracelets worn by the models is significantly larger than it has been in recent years. This move away from thin, dainty pieces reveals the progression toward statement pieces that are quite bold. Chunk chain link, geometric shapes, engraved designs, and colorful pairings with silver enamel jewelry items have made their way onto the catwalk and into the department stores. We have a variety of large bangles, including our Extra Wide 1-3/4 inch width Scroll Cuff Bracelet [pictured] and our Plain 2-inch wide Cuff Bracelet. Flat Curb Chain, Cable Chain, Flat Chunky Link Cable, and other styles are also available in our online catalog.

In addition to decorative and plain cable chains, we also have bracelets that come with charms and medallions in various sizes and types. If there is anything that you would like to stock in your store that you don’t see online, make sure to speak with a representative. We also have a wide variety of options and opportunities for custom design and white label manufacturing that you can use to expand your brand and increase consumer confidence in your products. Silver jewelry trends can change quickly, so it can be a good idea to have a variety of types of jewelry on hand to meet those changing needs. Some consumers don’t follow trends and may have a particular idea in mind for the jewelry that they want to purchase. The more you can do to expand your offerings, the easier it will be to get the sale and increase your receipts.

Industrial-Style Jewelry

Some of the pieces that we are seeing for the coming year include industrial-style designs that are reminiscent of nautical or construction accessories. The larger, chunkier chains and chokers are used to support even bigger rings, keys, charms, medals, and shapes to bring the whole look together. In some cases, it might even look as though the sterling silver manufacturer went to the local hardware store for inspiration, but this is the style that is “in” right now, and it is what consumers are demanding. Multiple chains, necklaces, medallions, and bracelets are layered to create an even “chunkier” appearance. Combining different designs, styles, and sizes of jewelry can help to bring the look home.

Consider showcasing these new pieces in unique ways, not just on mannequins or in display cases, but layered with on-trend fashions in the latest colors and styles. Medium gray and bright yellow, spring and summer hues, and neutral shades can all be used to really feature these bold jewelry styles in a fresh, new way. Manufacturers of silver jewelry often experiment with new ideas in design, so it pays to stay current with the latest fashion trends and compare them to what is already available in the JT Inman Company catalog. So, whether you want to stock silver enamel jewelry items in colorful themes and designs or if you want classic fine sterling silver pieces that will never go out of style, we’ve got you covered.

Contact our team directly by calling 508-226-0080 and speak with a customer service representative about working with JT Inman Company for your fine sterling silver retail supply. As a sterling silver manufacturer with decades of experience and a solid reputation, you can count on our team to provide you with the silver jewelry trends and prized silver object products you need to satisfy even your most hard-to-please customers.