As a retailer, you are probably well-versed in many different marketing techniques and sales methods that have been successful throughout the years. As consumer needs, demands, and interests evolve, it pays to continue learning new ways to expand your product offerings and boost consumer purchases in the process. Sometimes the keepsake silver pieces that you choose are so popular that there is no need to sell them to the customer. However, in other cases, a customer might not know that the product you have is the product that they need. All it takes is a bit of information, a suggestion, and well-planned product placement for them to figure it out without your sales team having to become too pushy to make the sale.

Step One: Make a Solid First Impression

Whether you are selling to a first-time customer or a returning patron who visits your store regularly, you always want to make a good first impression from the moment they approach your location until the moment that the sale is made. Studies show that it takes one-tenth of a second for a person to form an impression about someone or something. What that means is that you and your staff need to be trained on how to positively greet and approach a customer when they enter your store. You also need to prepare for this impression by readying the look and feel of the store, as well as the placement of silver items for retail and other products when they enter.

Experts reveal that consumers judge a store based on the genuine attitude and level of warmth that they receive from your sales team. If they are quickly approached by an aggressive salesperson, they are likely to feel uncomfortable, on guard, and even suspicious. However, on the other hand, if they are ignored while the employee stocks products or chats with fellow staff members, they will feel unwanted, unwelcomed, and likely wish to leave as soon as possible. It is essential to find that perfect middle ground, which is based on your customer demographic, the type of people who are most likely to come to your store and the level of service, decor, and placement of quality craftsmanship sterling silver that they expect to experience.

Step Two: Use Thoughtful Language

When a customer comes into your store to look at silver gifts for holiday sales, prepare your staff to positively respond to questions and give answers that will increase confidence in your brand. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t know,” you could instead say, “That’s a great question. Let me find out for you.” and speak with your supervisor quickly to get the answer. This shows the customer that you are willing to go the extra mile to get them the information that they need to make a purchase.

Be friendly and accommodating. Even at the end of a long holiday shopping day, instead of saying, “we’re closed,” you could say, “We close at 9 pm and open again at 9 am. Is there something I can quickly help you with now?” In most cases, the customer will just come back the next day. However, the offer has been made to help them in case they cannot return. The tiniest bit of good nature, professionalism, and friendliness will make an impression and create a positive memory for the consumer. While they might not make a purchase that day, they will remember your store and tell others about your excellent customer service.

Step Three: Create Smart Displays

Where you feature your silver gifts for holiday sales will make a big difference in your bottom line. Bury them in the back at the jewelry counter or on a shelf, and they will get lost among all of the other products. However, if you showcase and highlight your silver items for retail, they will get noticed. This is true whether you are selling traditional photo frames and affordable jewelry or quality craftsmanship sterling silver objects and collectibles. As you walk through your store, think about the type of customer that will take the same path. Who will visit the clothing department, and what keepsake silver pieces might complement that type of purchase? Who will visit the general gift area of the store, and which silver gifts might sell best in that section?

Consider creating window displays that include your silver products and train your sales staff to know all they can about the items that are being showcased so they can point customers to the products on the shelves. A bit of personal service can go a long way, so if your team knows detailed information about the silver items for retail, they will sell them a lot better. Take the time to train your team whenever you are launching a big promotion, sale, or featuring a new product line.

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