Silver Items for Retail: Boost Summer Vacation Jewelry Sales

summer vacation jewelry sales for retailAre you maximizing the opportunity to sell your silver items for retail to tourists and visitors to your local community who are on vacation? Quality craftsmanship sterling silver is a hot selling item throughout the year, but especially in the summer. A keepsake item of high-quality silver enamel jewelry items can be a great way to remember a special trip, so make sure to work with reputable manufacturers of silver jewelry to offer your customers a wide range of product options.

Whether your business is near a popular tourist destination or if you are in an area where a lot of visitors come during the summer, it is essential that you do everything you can to attract that market to your store. Tourists spend a lot of money when they come to town, going out for dining experiences, enjoying desserts and local coffee shops, and buying souvenirs. They also buy necessities that they forgot to bring with them, gifts for friends or loved ones back home, and sometimes, even high-value keepsakes for themselves.

Make Local Connections

One way to get your retail store on the map is to literally get yourself on the map with the hot spots that are most frequented by visitors to your area. Major hotel concierge services are a great way to attract customers, but even in small towns, a relationship with local innkeepers and bed-and-breakfast owners can boost sales. Building mutually beneficial relationships with these establishments can be extremely helpful, especially if a guest asks about local shopping or great places to get gifts and souvenir items in town.

A great way to open up conversations with local hotels, motels, and inns is to send a unique gift that represents your store and shows the value of the products that you provide. Silver enamel jewelry items and custom silver items for retail will make a valuable first impression and help get your foot in the door. Quality craftsmanship sterling silver objects, including desk accessories, office supplies, and other items that represent your area, are also things that you can showcase at your store for tourists.

Partner With Manufacturers of Silver Jewelry

Stand out from the crowd and work with manufacturers of silver jewelry and quality silver items for retail. JT Inman Company offers excellent opportunities for retailers who want to boost their brand and make a statement within the local retail market. Our goal is to become your source for sterling silver gifts and silver enamel jewelry items of high quality and originality. The artistic integrity of the items that we provide in our catalog and create custom for our clients offers a unique opportunity to deliver the perfect gift to your customers.

In addition to the high-quality items pictured in our online catalog, we also offer custom and white label opportunities for clients who want unique silver items for retail. Make sure to speak with one of our representatives if you are interested in these options with manufacturers of silver jewelry and gift items for your store. Since 1882, we have worked hard to earn a solid reputation in the sterling silver gift industry and have partnered with many well-known brands in the retail industry to create one-of-a-kind custom solutions that have helped them to increase their popularity with consumers.

Promote Your Store on Social Media

Another great way to build a positive reputation is through social media. When tourists plan on visiting an area, they often scout out all of the best locations for dining, entertainment, hotels, experiences, and shopping. Create a business Facebook page and consider purchasing ads that are tailored to your location and the type of customers that you want to attract. Offer the “check-in” feature for tourists to use so they can instantly share information about their experience at your retail store with their family and friends. This can build interest for those who plan to visit the area in the future, as well as for those who might want to purchase similar items online from home.

Instagram is also a great way to build a following, especially if you can take quality photos of your silver items for retail and other gift options. People love to click through photos, share images, and like or save the things that they are interested in and will follow your page in advance of a local visit to your area. Partner with other local businesses, following each other’s Instagram accounts, to further build your presence in social media. Sometimes a simple connection online can spark a much more significant partnership that could be mutually beneficial between businesses that share similar demographics.

If you would like to learn more about JT Inman Company as manufacturers of silver jewelry and quality silver items for retail, visit our website at and browse our online catalog. You can also reach us by phone at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions that you might have about our white label opportunities or options for custom quality craftsmanship sterling silver objects.