One of the best ways to sell something is to start right away by overcoming objections. You need to anticipate the reasons why a customer might NOT want to buy something and figure out a reasoned explanation that you can use that will help them to change their mind. Some of the most apparent objections for purchasing top quality custom sterling silver objects would be the price. This is why it is essential to carry a wide range of price points for popular items in your store. You can have similar items that have less sterling silver and more embellishments, such as enamels or other decorative bits, alongside more intricate pieces from your trusted sterling silver manufacturer.

Facts About Sterling Silver

As a manufacturer of sterling silver objects, we know a thing or two about silver. However, we have found that most consumers don’t know much about silver and, what they do know, is often false. Working in the retail industry means overcoming not just objections, but also finding professional ways to educate and inform without putting off the customer with too much detail. Sometimes offering a simple how-to pamphlet or placing a display that informs the customer about identifying quality keepsake silver pieces from silver-plated or silver-colored lesser-value items can be beneficial.

Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver. You may get some customers coming in demanding to see your 100 percent silver or talking about how much better .950 or 95 percent silver is for custom sterling silver objects. The truth is that silver, as a metal, is just too malleable and quick to tarnish at those higher percentage levels. The keepsake silver pieces would bend out of shape too quickly and tarnishing would happen much faster due to its increased purity. While you can find silver jewelry that is .950, it is not recommended for things like bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces because it is just so fragile and requires so much extra care.

Preventive Silver Care

One approach to tarnishing, which is always a subject that comes up when retail store owners and sales staff discuss sterling silver manufacturer items with customers, is to provide the tools needed to keep it shiny and clean. Even photo frames, desk accessories, and other personal items will need regular cleanings. You can sell cleaning supplies, specialty storage boxes, and other tools that will help your customers keep their keepsake silver pieces looking their very best. However, sometimes an even better approach is preventive measures, which can extend the amount of time between cleanings.

Some of the ways to prevent silver objects from tarnishing include:

  • avoid contact with household chemicals, rubber, sweat, wool, latex, mustard, eggs, mayonnaise, and chlorinated water
  • remove silver jewelry before showering or doing household chores
  • keep out of direct sunlight – especially when swimming or sunbathing outdoors
  • don’t use perfumes, hair spray, hair products, lotions, or cosmetics when wearing silver jewelry items
  • store silver items in airtight plastic bags and use anti-tarnish strips for extra care
  • never store silver items together, keep them separated to avoid scratching
  • use silica gel or activated charcoal in the bag to minimize humidity and tarnish

Silver Polishing Tips

That beautiful silver photo frame and other keepsake silver pieces will need regular cleaning and polishing to stay in good condition. If there is a light tarnish, a simple polishing will do. However, make sure to use a special silver cloth to avoid scratching. Choose a microfiber or other soft non-abrasive cloth that is line-free. No toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels should ever be used on your custom sterling silver objects. Professional care should be obtained if basic polishing does not do the trick. Urge customers to take severely tarnished items to a professional for cleaning right away.

All of these tips and support are often very welcomed by those who are serious about purchasing quality items from a sterling silver manufacturer. Gifts for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions will require proper care of they are to hold their value and provide many years of joy to the recipient. Sometimes a silver care “kit” is a great add-on purchase item or giveaway promotion that will help the customer make the final decision to buy your custom sterling silver objects. If you would like to see our full catalog or place an order, give us a call at 508-226-0080.