retail supply sterling silverStore owners have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the products that they will sell and feature in their retail stores. The choices that you make can significantly impact the success of your business, providing the opportunity to effectively target your local demographics, or not. Custom silver objects, including jewelry, collectibles, keepsake items, ornaments, desk accessories, and gifts, are sold in many different types of retail stores. Department stores, clothing stores, gift shops, and custom product outlets are just some examples of the retailers who work directly with a manufacturer of sterling silver objects to get quality retail supply sterling silver for their customers. JT Inman Company has offered a wide range of product options to our clients, providing professional silver production for retailers that will help them to achieve their goals.

Reason #1 – How Consumable is the Item?

The term “consumable” does not just refer to food and beverage items, but also to products that customers will need to purchase over and over again. However, in the case of custom silver objects, the term should take into consideration the target demographic, market served, and purpose of the purchase. Much of our silver production for retailers is sold as gifts or personal purchases. While not perishable or a necessity to the average consumer, purchasing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions will bring customers back to your store again and again to find unique gift items for family and friends.

The holiday shopping season is a given, with most Americans beginning to shop in November, carrying through to the end of December. Plus, there is a whole year of holidays, including Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Back to School, Halloween, and Thanksgiving fall between the big shopping season, providing retailers with the opportunity to sell items obtained from a reputable manufacturer of sterling silver objects. Factoring in birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement parties, vacations, and other landmark milestones, there are plenty of reasons to sell quality retail supply sterling silver all year long.

Reason #2 – Is the Item Appealing to Consumers?

One of the great things about sterling silver items is that they sell themselves. One of the three precious metals, which include gold and platinum, sterling silver, is a mark of quality and something that most consumers are already well informed about before they begin shopping. Silver represents many things and is even recognized for a 25th wedding anniversary as the perfect gift. Customs and cultural traditions, such as gifting a silver spoon or porringer set to a new baby, are also part of gift-giving in America and throughout Europe.

Just sitting on the shelf in a prominent display, you likely won’t have to promote your silver items much to your customers other than answer a few questions about the piece in particular and then sit back and watch it sell itself. This approach works well in department stores, clothing stores, jewelry shops, and gift shops without requiring much from you and your staff. Customers are typically drawn to precious metals, and if you obtain well-designed silver production for retailers from a reputable manufacturer of sterling silver objects, your job will be that much easier. Many consumers know to look for the hallmarks of quality in silver; however, you and your staff can also educate them to plant seeds for future sales.

Reason #3 – Exclusivity of Products

Another reason why many retailers will decide to showcase custom silver objects is to ensure that they have something unique to offer customers that their competitors do not have. When you work directly with a manufacturer for retail supply sterling silver, you can learn to anticipate the interests and needs of your customers so you can stock the very best items in silver production for retailers. Browse our online catalog or speak with a customer service agent to discuss the items that you are interested in carrying. We can match you with products that meet your standards for quality, achieve price point goals, and can help to distinguish your business from other similar shops in the local area.

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