Selling Quality Silver Online: Top Gifts & Collectible Items

sell silver onlineRegardless of the demographic or region that you serve, there are several steps that you can use as a personal guide to selling products online. Many retail stores have made a move to having an online presence, which allows them to continue selling outside of store hours and to customers outside of their local area. Online silver object sales are quite popular, especially for those who are shopping for gifts and collectible items. Make sure you are selling quality silver online and that you are showcasing it well to encourage customers to purchase from your store. JT Inman Company is located in New England and has a wide range of fine sterling silver objects for commercial business owners to sell as silver items for retail. Not sure where to start? Our friendly customer sales team can assist you and recommend our top-selling items and help you spot new trends within this ever-growing market.

Which Products Should You Sell?

If you run a brick and mortar shop already, take a look at what is selling currently to your customers, as well as what has already sold well in the past. Sometimes all you need to do to boost online silver object sales is to create a web-based store that is a reflection of what already works for you in your retail shop. Fine sterling silver objects, when promoted and showcased well, can frequently sell themselves. While there are certain times of the year when silver items for retail are more popular, and in demand, this is a material that sells well all year round. Online silver object sales will typically increase around the holidays when people are shopping for unique gifts for family and friends. Silver products can also be more popular during the spring, when weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and graduation parties are on the rise.

JT Inman Company designs and manufactures a large variety of top-selling items, including the highly collectible holiday ornament series and popular “classic” fine sterling silver objects, such as baby spoons, personalized photo frames, mint julep bar sets, and executive desk accessories. We also work with our clients to create custom items and have a white label program, which allows retailers to package and brand our quality silver items for retail under their own brand. Jewelry, colorful enamels, and personal pieces will also sell well year-round and are ideally suited for selling quality silver online. Commercial clothing shops, gift stores, department stores, and many other types of retail opportunities are often the best choice for adding silver objects to your lineup of quality offerings.

Who Should You Target?

Identifying your target audience is a great way to boost sales of all kinds, particularly silver items for retail. Not every customer who walks through your door or visits your website will have the interest or budget for purchasing fine sterling silver objects. However, the more you can do to identify your current demographics and find products that will match their interests and budgets, the easier it will be to increase online silver object sales. Silver is the traditional gift material for many occasions in our lives, including new babies, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and special anniversaries. If you can learn how to feature these types of items throughout the year and train your staff to highlight the benefits of purchasing silver objects effectively, you could significantly increase your receipts.

Market research can be a great way to expand the data that you already have on hand from interacting with customers in your brick and mortar shop, as well as information collected from internet visits and sales. Professional researchers can assist you in analyzing the data that you have received and can provide insight into the current market in your area, demographic, and for your type of retail store. Not only will this help you choose the best silver items for retail to showcase in your shop, but it can also help you to select everything from marketing opportunities to payment processing and shipping options to increase sales and win loyal customers. To see our full catalog online, continue browsing our website. If you would like to learn more about our fine sterling silver objects, contact our team by calling 508-226-0080.