keepsake silver piecesOne of the best ways to market your quality sterling silver pieces to customers is to provide them with a bit of education on the value of this remarkable metal. Compared to other types of metal commonly used to create jewelry and gift items, silver holds its value. However, not all “silver” is created equal. There are lots of varieties of silver, just as there are types of materials used that claim to be gold or platinum. Plated pieces are simply dipped in the melted metal, hiding cheap materials underneath. Quality sterling silver holds value because of what it is and how it is made. Work with reputable manufacturers of silver jewelry and consumer products to ensure that you offer your customers the very best. Take time to educate yourself and your staff on the finer points of artistic silver object manufacturing, and you will be able to share that with customers and increase sales.

925 Sterling Silver

If you were to purchase “pure silver” in a bar or a brick, it would be 99 percent pure silver. However, when it comes to the creation of keepsake silver pieces, jewelry, and other gift items, pure silver is much too soft to be suitable and will bend and warp over time. 925 sterling silver is composed of 92.5 percent pure silver and an alloy of another quality metal. While some manufacturers go “cheap” and use nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, a quality manufacturer will use copper. There are other advantages to using copper, particularly in the look of the finished piece. It brings a brighter shine to the silver, enhancing the appearance of the item as a whole.

While plated items are not considered fake, if it is made clear how the item was made, there are plenty of other manufacturers who try to pass off fake silver to retailers and customers alike. One sign of fake silver is the cost of the item. Those $5 “silver earrings” at the discount store are definitely not going to be made with fine sterling silver materials. If the piece is magnetic or does not reveal a slight tarnish when rubbed with a cloth, it is not real silver. There are other marks of quality that can be found on real sterling silver, such as a stamp of 925, .925, 92.5, or the word sterling in the metal. Sterling silver means 92.5 percent quality silver, so when this term is used by a reputable company, you know what you should expect to receive.

What are Keepsake Items?

Gift shops, department stores, and other retailers often want to stock what is known in the industry as keepsake items. They are called this because the item is often prized by the recipient, kept for many years, and even handed down to future generations. A sterling silver pocket watch given at a retirement party might be handed down to a son or grandson and then kept for many generations. Artistic silver object manufacturing takes a quality material and turns it into something that an individual will hold onto, pass down, and share with loved ones. It’s not just a gift to show you care, but an investment in that person’s future and a reminder of those who have passed such items down to us for the rest of our lives.

Sterling silver holds value, which is why baby spoons, porringers, and other new baby gift items became so popular. It was like handing a beautifully designed and shaped silver coin to the parents to save for the child’s future education. However, keepsake silver pieces are typically not sold to pay for such things but are instead kept and held onto by the family. As quality manufacturers of silver jewelry, gifts, and objects, JT Inman Company offers a wide selection of items that would qualify as keepsake items. Bracelets and earrings, silver-and-enamel jewelry, executive gifts, collectible items, and personalized pieces are just some of the products that we carry in our catalog. Opportunities for custom, semi-custom, and white-label are also available to our clients who want something that will help them stand out and build their brand.

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The best way to learn about everything we have to offer is to browse our online catalog. If you find what you are looking for, contact our customer service team to discuss placing an order. If you like what you see, but have not found exactly what you need, speak with our agents to discuss designing custom pieces for artistic silver object manufacturing. We have worked with many international, national, and well-known brands to create custom, semi-custom, and white-label keepsake silver pieces that they sell to customers around the globe. Sterling silver holds value, and shoppers who know what they want will seek it out when they are looking to buy keepsake silver pieces and other gift items.

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