Selling Fine Silver Objects: Sterling Silver Manufacturer

fine silver objectsGiving your clients instruction is one approach to boost sales. By being well-versed in your products, you and your sales staff will be better able to respond to customer inquiries, dispel objections, and increase sales. One of the metals with a lot of ambiguity is silver. The more you know, the better, whether you are selling high-end sterling silver goods like photo frames and keepsakes or holiday presents for retail like sterling silver design jewelry and other in-style things from a respected sterling silver manufacturer. You and your staff can better inform your consumers by knowing how to recognize genuine exquisite sterling silver. Giving your products as an example after demonstrating what to look for can add value to them and help you sell them more effectively. Customers who are concerned about conserving actual silver products might benefit from knowledge about appropriate maintenance, storage, and cleaning.

Artistic Silver Object Manufacturing

There are a few ways to recognize what is referred to as fine sterling silver products in the business. Silver that is 92.5 percent pure makes up sterling silver. Jewelry and other high-quality presents are frequently made using it. Copper makes up the remaining percentage of the substance. Copper is a component of high-quality silver because it gives the metal strength, endurance, and brilliance, enhancing its allure. Silver that is 100% pure cannot be used since it is a brittle metal. Over time, pure silver objects may flex, twist, and change shape. During use, they are vulnerable to scratches and damage.

In the United States and other countries, fine sterling silver is considered as the industry standard. Since they are deserving of maintaining and passing down through the years, generational items are made to this universally recognized level. A few examples of high-quality sterling silver design products that are frequently sold are silver spoons, plates, jewelry, ornaments, pillboxes, and pocket watches.

Testing Fine Sterling Silver Products

The Hallmark Test – Check to see if there is a hallmark, stamp, or imprint with the numbers 9-2-5 on the jewelry or memento item. It can be marked with symbols like Sterling Silver, Ster, or Sterling as well as the letters 925,.925, or 92.5. It can be hard to find on smaller pieces of jewelry, but you can find it with a magnifying glass.

The Weight Test – You would need to compare it to a known piece of fine sterling silver that is around the same size, but non-fine sterling silver products typically weigh significantly more due to the different alloy composition.

The Tarnish Test – Rub the object with a white or light-colored cloth to see whether any black spots emerge on the fabric. When real silver is exposed to air, it oxidizes and develops a tarnish layer that can be removed by wiping a cloth over it. The thing is most certainly not good sterling silver if there are no black markings.

The Magnet Test – Since pure silver is not magnetic, a magnet shouldn’t draw it to it. It shouldn’t pull to an ordinary magnet if you hold it close to or above the sterling silver design object. If it does, there is a good likelihood that the alloy used to make the piece has a lower percentage of silver than 92.5 and a higher amount of another metal that is being used in place of silver.

The Scientific Test – It should be reminded that this test has the potential to harm your jewelry or goods and should only be carried out by a skilled individual while donning safety goggles and gloves. In this technique, the item is exposed to a drop of nitric acid to see what happens. It is not real silver if a chemical reaction causes the object to turn green.

Selling Fine Silver Objects

By providing advice, information, and extra purchasing options adjacent to their silver displays, some stores take the educational aspect of selling exquisite sterling silver products to the next level. This is done to ensure that the item is maintained and cared for properly. Products for polishing silver, soft cloths, storage bags, and other accessories can help dispel doubts and allay worries about caring for what many people consider to be a particularly high-maintenance metal. Selling silver Christmas presents for retail will be made simpler the more you can learn about reducing cleaning requirements, offering guidance on correct storage, and assisting the customer in putting those concerns to rest.

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