One of the best ways to increase sales of sterling silver in your retail store is to learn all you can about it. Identifying sterling silver, knowing the best methods for cleaning, and understanding what is required to store it and keep it in good shape, can really help you to increase sales of classic silver gift items. Whether you are trying to promote holiday gifts for retail or simply increase year-round sales of silver objects and jewelry, the more you know about sterling silver, the easier it will be to sell it to your customers.

How to Clean Silver

A quick search on the internet will yield dozens of “highly recommended” options for keeping quality sterling silver items clean. Unfortunately, many of those cleaning tips could cause damage to your valuable sterling silver. One of the biggest mistakes that people who own sterling silver make is not keeping up with the care and cleaning of it over time. Keepsake items that were purchased as holiday gifts for retail or handed down from loving relatives, often get put away in a box. Once discovered, a lot of work needs to be done to get them into good shape.

Overcoming the concern by consumers about how to care for sterling silver can help you to win them over. Once they learn that through regular cleaning and maintenance, there won’t be a significant issue with tarnish, it will be easier to make the sale. Classic silver gift items, jewelry pieces, and other objects available through JT Inman are beautiful, lovely products to sell. In fact, many of the designs that we have available in our catalog practically sell themselves. If you have a customer who objects to “keeping silver clean,” make sure to share tips with them on how to properly care for silver.

A Preventive Approach

Silver is one of those materials where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can avoid oxidation by storing sterling silver items properly to reduce the amount of required cleaning. This is by far the best method, as excessive polishing and cleaning could lead to loss of detail in objects that have intricate designs. Professional cleaning services can also be used if the individual does not have time to clean the items. Your store could increase sales by carrying cleaning products and tools near the sterling silver items to help promote proper care.

For sterling silver jewelry, the best method is to wear the jewelry. The natural oils in your skin will actually work to keep the jewelry clean while maintaining its brilliance. This approach can reduce the amount of actual cleaning required. Other tips, such as keeping silver away from chlorinated water, household cleaning chemicals, rubber, direct sunlight, hairspray, lotions, perfumes, and any substances that contain these no-no items: eggs, mustard, wool, and latex. Once again, the more you know about quality sterling silver, the easier it is to take care of it.

Identifying Sterling Silver

This is another great way to learn how to sell more classic silver gift items, jewelry, and seasonal holiday gifts for retail. Learning how to identify genuine sterling silver and then sharing that information with your customers can be a great lead-in to convince them to make a purchase. It’s an old salesman’s trick, but it works because it is honest, straight-forward, and truthful. Identifying sterling silver is easy if you know what to look for when inspecting an object or piece of jewelry. Sterling silver is often stamped with one of these markings:

  • STER
  • .925
  • 92.5

The .925 and 92.5 refer to the percentage of pure silver that is in the metal. The remaining percentage is typically made up of copper or nickel to increase the strength and hardness of silver, which is naturally very soft. This is essential for jewelry and other objects to prevent them from bending or becoming misshapen over time. There are other methods besides the identifying marks that can be used to prove the value of the sterling silver that you can use in your retail store.

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