The retail industry can be challenging for those who aren’t used to thinking ahead. Now that autumn is officially here; you might be thinking that retailers are busy working on their holiday stock to make sure they are ready for Black Friday and other seasonal shopping experiences. The truth is that if a retail store isn’t already prepared for fall and winter holiday sales, they are in trouble. Most retailers are already looking at ideas for spring silver items for retail to ensure their seasonal silver sales. They purchase quality silver items months in advance, working with a quality manufacturer of sterling silver objects like JT Inman Company, to ensure that they are prepared for consumer demand.

Why Choose Silver Items for Retail

There are many reasons to purchase quality silver items to stock in your retail store. Silver is considered to be one of the precious metals, alongside gold and platinum. It holds value in many ways, particularly with consumers. Seasonal silver sales spike throughout the year. As a manufacturer of sterling silver objects, our team can help match you and your retail needs with a wide range of different items to include in your store. Silver items for retail are customizable, which means that you can offer engravings and other personalizations to help set your store apart from local competitors. Silver is a “workable metal,” which means that it is a popular choice for jewelry designers to create custom pieces.

Silver is also a much more affordable choice than the other precious metals, making it a great gift option for just about every holiday or occasion. It is still a very valuable gift and something prized by many, but it will cost less, making it more budget-friendly. Beautiful sterling silver bangles for Valentine’s Day, a cross necklace and chain for Easter, earrings for Mother’s Day, keepsake items for an anniversary gift, and a personalized gift for a birthday. Christmas and Hannukah gifts can also be purchased, including exquisite desk accessories, religious-theme medals and other types of jewelry, as well as hobby-based items are all popular choices for the holiday gift-giving season.

Some other silver items for retail that are in demand during the holidays include:

  • lockets
  • charm bracelets
  • decorative cuff bracelets
  • bangles
  • silver and enamel jewelry
  • personalized jewelry items

More Reasons to Purchase Quality Silver Items

Making sure that you stock popular items alongside trending objects is a great way to ensure that you increase your sales during the holidays and throughout the year. Sterling silver is an excellent choice for jewelry, personal items, keepsake gifts, and more. One reason why many people choose silver over gold or platinum is that quality silver is hypoallergenic. Approximately ten percent of people on the planet have an allergy to nickel, a metal that can turn skin green when it comes in contact with it, as well as result in itchy and even scabby skin. Other metals, including brass, can cause other skin irritations, such as redness, blisters, and swelling.

Sterling silver is made from 92.5 percent pure silver and another alloy metal. When you purchase quality silver items, that other metal is typically going to be copper. While some might use nickel or brass, which can result in an allergic reaction, a quality manufacturer of sterling silver objects will use copper. There are many benefits to choosing copper, including zero risk of irritation, infection, or swelling. Copper also helps the sterling silver to appear brighter and more aesthetically pleasing while increasing its strength to make it more durable and scratch-resistant. Other metals can make it appear gray or dull. Sterling silver is the perfect hypoallergenic alternative to individuals who have had reactions from nickel, brass, and other metals in the past.

Why Choose JT Inman Company?

Since 1882, our company name has been synonymous with quality silver items for retail. We are a manufacturer of sterling silver objects located in New England. Our customers are all across the country and around the globe. The artistic integrity and craftsmanship of our products, allow you the opportunity to choose the perfect seasonal silver sales items, or have a custom object created to fit your need. Give us a call at 508-226-0080 to speak with one of our sales representatives or to get a FREE price quote on any of the items in our catalog.