silver objects for holiday giftsIf only every sales day could be like Black Friday, imagine how much business your retail store would get! Of course, no one could keep up with that type of madness day in and day out, so even store owners are thankful for the different seasons. However, it is possible to turn your holiday shoppers into year-round shoppers and provide various holiday gifts for retail that address all of the significant gift-giving holidays throughout the year. Birthdays and anniversaries happen all the time without regard to the calendar, but other seasonal opportunities are also available for you to sell your keepsake silver pieces and other silver gifts for holiday sales.

Summer Silver Products

Whether you are near a tourist location where you can take advantage of the influx of shoppers who come to town during this time of year or not, there are lots of opportunities to sell holiday gifts for retail in the summer. Summertime means vacations, no school, long days by the pool or out on the beach, and of course, seasonal holidays. It all starts with Memorial Day, which can be a great time to give someone keepsake silver pieces like photo frames, flasks, or memento boxes to remember someone who died in service to their country. Father’s Day soon follows, which is filled with an abundance of ties, but could be spiced up with tie bars, cufflinks, and money clips. Our nation’s birthday on the fourth of July isn’t often an occasion for gift-giving, but sometimes a nice hostess gift is in order for parties and other gatherings.

Summer is also known as wedding season throughout North America, particularly in the northern states where the weather finally thaws out long enough for people to get married. Wedding gifts are often made from sterling silver, including a variety of photo frames, silver hairbrush and mirror sets, jewelry, pill boxes, perfume flasks, and other silver gifts for holiday sales. Make sure to keep a wide variety of summer silver products in stock for wedding shoppers and other gift-givers this time of year so you can provide your customers with the items that they can give to family, friends, and loved ones. Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and retirement parties are also popular gift-giving opportunities in the summer when the weather is nice enough to invite people over for a party.

Fall Silver Products

As summer begins to wind down and the leaves begin to fall, the children go back to school and the fall season of holiday gifts for retail is upon us. Fall brings a few other gift-giving holiday opportunities, including Veteran’s Day in November followed by Thanksgiving. While both are technically not gift-oriented, this is a time of year when people often wish to present keepsake silver pieces to loved ones. A nice thank-you or hostess give of quality silver would be well received at Thanksgiving, including beautiful napkin rings, photo frames, and bar items. Even jewelry, including bracelets, enamels, chains, and earrings, might be a nice personal gift for someone special.

Winter Silver Products

Once Black Friday hits retail stores start selling a wide range of silver gifts for holiday sales. We have Christmas, Hannukah, and several cultural and religious holidays that are frequently marked with keepsake silver pieces during this time of year. Charm bracelets, earrings, photo frames, personal items, desk accessories, keyrings, money clips, holiday ornaments, keepsake boxes, mirrors, brushes, perfume flasks and a wide variety of custom holiday gifts for retail are typically the most popular choices. Make sure to start placing orders and getting stock ready for the holiday sales season in advance so you can take advantage of the increased demand.

Spring Silver Products

Once the holidays are over, people often stay away from shopping for quality gift items outside of birthdays and anniversaries until Valentine’s Day. This is another great opportunity to sell some beautiful keepsake silver pieces to your customers and begin stocking your summer silver products to prepare for that selling season. Silver gifts for holiday sales can vary depending on your target market base. Customers near a tourist area may require more affordable items, keepsakes that mark the location or have something to do with the region. However, shoppers that are local may be looking for things to add to their collection that they received as gifts during another gift-giving holiday or season.

Word of mouth is the best way to increase your customer base and market reach. The more you can accommodate your existing customers, the more likely they will be to tell their family and friends about your store. Holiday gifts for retail are a great way to open that door to new relationships. Start planning your stock items of silver gifts for holiday sales now when you contact JT Inman Company at 508-266-0080 to talk about our catalog items or request more information about custom keepsake silver pieces for retail stores.