Sales Tips for Silver: Fine Sterling Silver Objects for Retail

With every product that you sell in your store, it is essential to have in mind the information necessary to overcome objections. Some consumers may think that fine sterling silver is too expensive, but you can show them that it is often more affordable than similar items made from gold or platinum. You might get customers that are concerned about cleaning and maintaining silver, but you can offer insight into preventing tarnish and can even sell cleaning kits or offer cleaning brochures near your silver object display. Whatever the concern, the price, care, or even storage, the more you take time to learn about the products that you sell, the easier it is to sell them.

A Variety of Price Points

One way to guarantee a sale for practically everyone who walks in your door searching for silver jewelry or objects is to offer a variety of price points for them to choose from when they shop. This is one of the best sales tips for silver, as there are people who prefer to pay one price and others who would only pay another. Marketing 101 dictates that by having quality products and offering a range of fair prices, you should be able to earn the sale – even when other retailers in the neighborhood are selling similar items. When you work with JT Inman to purchase silver production for retailers, we can assist you in finding the best products based on your target demographic to yield the best possible sales results.

Seasonal Displays of Silver

Another method used to increase sales of any product is to feature them in a store display. Make plans for your seasonal, holiday, and special occasion sales events at the beginning of the year, and be ready to switch them out appropriately by the calendar. Valentine’s Day, Easter, spring baby showers and bridal showers, wedding season, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Graduation – there are so many more holidays to consider than just Christmas and Hannukah. Make sure that you have everything you need to sell your fine sterling silver during these special times throughout the year. When planned carefully, you will be able to have a showcase display up and ready for consumers to browse every month.

Knowledge is Power

When you and your staff take the time to learn more about a product, it makes it easier to sell. Fine sterling silver is one of those materials that has a lot of popular misconceptions. Sharing simple information, such as how to identify quality silver, can really help to make the sale. The hallmark for fine sterling silver is STER, STERLING, or STR on vintage pieces, but is more commonly seen as 925, .925, or even 92.5 on modern works. Compared to other types of silver, 925 sterling silver is the best quality for making jewelry, keepsake objects, and other functional items like photo frames, baby spoons, holiday ornaments, cufflinks, and personal pieces. Provide customers with a silver care sheet and offer discounts on cleaning kits, storage products, and train your team to give demonstrations that will show how easy it truly is to care for fine sterling silver.

Sell Quality Silver Pieces

The best sales tips for silver are to ensure that you are featuring quality pieces made with 925 sterling silver and not plated, filled, or other “cheaper” types of silver products. This will give your customers confidence that anything they buy from your store – including your non-silver pieces – will be of the highest quality. Once a customer recognizes that they are getting a good deal on a well-made piece, they will have a better feeling about your brand and be willing to share their experience with family and friends. Word of mouth advertising is still the very best type of marketing that any store can get.

Contact JT Inman Company for Pricing

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