Home décor and gift shops are excellent examples of retail stores that can do well selling special occasion silver items and fine sterling silver objects. Today’s retail industry is extremely competitive, so it pays to take some time to brush up on your sales techniques to increase conversions. It’s great when you have a lot of foot traffic at your store, but it’s even better when you can turn those shoppers into customers. While you don’t want to overprice your items, you also don’t want to sell products at a price so low that you undercut your profit margin. It pays to stay up-to-date on the prices that other local retailers are selling similar objects for in their store, so you are current with pricing trends. However, there is much more to selling than pricing.

Quality Silver Production for Retailers

It pays to stock your store with quality items that will bring customers in to look – and buy. Your local competitors might also be selling silver chains at the same price, but they could be a much lower quality. Know what you have and learn how to sell fine sterling silver to your shoppers. Make sure your employees know the difference between the special occasion silver items that you sell and low-quality, silver-plated, or imitation silver items sold at other stores. You don’t have to be negative in your comments about the products sold elsewhere, just be positive about the manufacturer of sterling silver objects that you showcase in your store. Attention to detail, quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship are just some of the highlights you can share.

Showcasing Fine Sterling Silver

There is a right way and a wrong way to market the products that you sell in your store. Most retail businesses have a keen eye for knowing the best way to showcase certain pieces to catch the attention of their customers. Product placement, seasonal sales, holiday features, and other opportunities can be used throughout the year to attract customers to your fine sterling silver. Putting your pieces behind glass can be a big step in the right direction, as most consumers associate protected items with quality and value. If your prices are right for the local area and economy, and you feature them in an incredibly positive way, you could see sales of your special occasion silver items go through the roof. Make sure you have an employee stationed in the showcase area so they can bring out the pieces for customers to look at and touch. Have your staff wear special gloves to prevent fingerprints and tarnishing on silver pieces and as another prop to show customers the value of these objects.

Use Technology as a Sales Tool

Most consumers respond to anything that is showcased with technology. Special LED lighting, a virtual 3D display of the object, and other solutions can be used to really feature the product well. Increase your use of technology throughout the store to streamline the shopping experience. For example, a mobile point of sale (POS) device can help to secure a purchase immediately in the department where your fine sterling silver objects are displayed. This helps to overcome common issues associated with impatient buyers leaving the store without making a purchase due to long lines at the front register or for second-guessing that can sometimes happen as shoppers continue to browse for gift items. Collect information about your customers that will help you to determine other special occasion silver items that you might want to feature and use analytics tools to sort through the data.

Value-Added Services

When selling a specific product like fine sterling silver, it pays to offer extra services to your customers that will enhance the buying experience. Gift-wrapping services are excellent around holidays where your silver production for retailers items sell frequently, such as Christmas, Hanukah, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation. Work with your manufacturer of sterling silver objects for seasonal-specific pieces, as well as year-round gift items that will also sell for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Consulting services, cleaning tips and products for silver pieces, and even classes or events used to showcase your pieces can also be beneficial. Anything you can do to engage with the customer could win you loyal repeat business and positive referrals.

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