sterling silver giftsWhile considered to be one of the precious metals, alongside gold and platinum, most consumers really don’t know a lot about how to identify sterling silver jewelry compared to other “silver” products. For those who have experience with this beautiful metal, fine sterling silver objects and quality sterling silver items will stand out in an obvious way. Retail silver products that are not made of fine sterling silver will be much cheaper and are not designed to last as long as quality materials. Fine sterling silver is used to create everything from bracelets and earrings to baby spoons and wedding gifts. Shiny, bright, durable, and easier to care for than you might think, selling silver in your retail store could be a real opportunity to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

What is Fine Sterling Silver?

The metal used to make sterling silver jewelry is not 100 percent pure silver. The truth is that pure silver is soft and easily bendable or malleable. It can not stand up to everyday wear and use. Manufacturers create what is known as fine sterling silver objects, which are made up of 92.5 percent pure silver and are combined with another valuable alloy. This is why you will see a stamp on or inside of sterling silver jewelry that says 92.5, 925, or .925. You might even see the word “sterling” stamped on retail silver products. This is a telltale sign for collectors, sellers, and buyers of quality sterling silver items that helps them purchase products of value and avoid buying something of a lesser standard.

The most common metal that is alloyed with silver to create fine sterling silver objects is copper. This metal is chosen because it is much harder and can stand up to daily wear and tear. Copper is also shiny, bright, and works well with the pure silver material, creating a beautifully finished piece. Other metals that can sometimes be alloyed with silver include nickel and zinc. However, these are inferior blends and are not preferred by collectors and fans of sterling silver jewelry. These metals can affect the color, shine, and durability of the silver, making it difficult to use in the creation of intricate and complex product designs. For best results, search for quality sterling silver items that are made with 92.5 percent pure silver and the remainder of copper.

Why Choose Silver?

Major retailers understand the power of selling fine sterling silver objects and sterling silver jewelry. Consumers demand quality sterling silver items throughout the year, as personal purchases of jewelry or accent pieces and gifts for family and friends. Considered to be a special occasion gift, there are many centuries’ old traditions that involve the giving of silver gifts. The saying, “born with a silver spoon,” comes from the classic gift of silver spoons and forks to new babies. Long ago, the gift was said to be an investment in the child’s future, a way for gift-givers to offer valuable metals that could be sold to pay for medical costs, education, or even serve as part of a dowry in marriage. In addition to silver spoons, many people give other silver gifts to new babies, including nursery photo frames, baby jewelry, porringer cups, rattles, and keepsake boxes.

Other special events and holidays that are great for giving silver gifts include Christmas and Hannukah, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Graduation, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other traditional gift-exchange celebrations. Weddings are very popular for providing fine sterling silver objects. Similar to new baby gifts, the classic idea behind giving silver to new couples was to help them by investing in their future. Silver gifts might be kept and handed down through the generations or sold and melted down for essential purchases. Quality sterling silver items, including photo frames, cutlery, jewelry, cufflinks, tie clips, and pocket watches, are often very popular with wedding registries, gifts to bridal party members, and thank-you options for close family members and friends.

Fine Sterling Silver Since 1882

At JT Inman Company, we know something about the trends surrounding quality sterling silver items. We have proudly designed and manufactured fine sterling silver objects and sterling silver jewelry since 1882. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide retail silver products to department stores, jewelry stores, gift shops, online retailers, and well-known major brands across the country and around the globe. You can preview our catalog sterling silver jewelry and objects on our website or contact our team directly at 508-226-0080 to learn more about selling fine sterling silver objects in your retail store.