As more stores focus on making online sales, it pays to have an idea on how to increase conversion ratios for things like classic silver gift items. Sterling silver is a niche market. Those who want to buy it know what they are looking for and can usually spot a quality piece. Custom silver items for retails can help to set your business apart from competitors and help you to increase customer loyalty and boost your brand. Retail sales tips for silver are very similar to the marketing methods used for other quality objects. If you are preparing to add retail supply sterling silver to your online catalog or if you are having difficulty translating from a brick-and-mortar store to online sales, make sure to try out these tried and true methods.

What is Your Current Ratio?

Before you make any changes to the way that you present, sell, and market goods on your website, you need to identify your current conversion ratio. Studies show that the average conversion rate for a retail website is around two percent. What that means is that there is usually one sale for every one-hundred visitors. New websites or sites with very little customer following may experience a much lower rate of one- to two-tenths of a percentage point, which means that there is one sale for every thousand visitors. Once you identify your current ratio, you can start making changes. Now you will be able to go back and compare your conversion statistics to see if the retail sales tips for silver worked for you. You can also identify which classic silver gift items or custom silver items for retailers sold the best.

Add a Pop-Up to Your Website

Many national brand websites have pop-ups on the front page that they use to boost sales. You might use yours to point them to a specific section on your website or use it to collect email addresses for a marketing newsletter. Some stores will even use it to get the location of visitors so they can better target the featured items in the sales section or send local sale ads to increase retail store sales in addition to online purchases. Whatever your goals, a pop-up can help to make it happen. Studies reveal that pop-ups have an all-time conversion average of more than three percent. However, highly targeted pop-ups can reach as much as 9.25 percent conversion rates for retail sales.

Streamline Your Forms

One spot on retail websites that users complain about the most is the online form. If there are too many required fields, many will just close down the page and look somewhere else. Keep it as simple as you can and only ask for information that is necessary. This goes for your purchasing process, as well. Some websites are too complicated or make buyers uneasy to the point where they don’t trust putting in their credit card information to complete the sale. Start measuring the metrics on any pages that have forms and, as you remove sections that aren’t really necessary, see if it makes a difference in the number of newsletter sign-ups or sales that you experience.

Add Testimonials and Reviews

When it comes to selling retail supply sterling silver, no one wants to be the first shopper to buy an unproven product. Consider adding reviews and testimonials that you have received from customers to your classic silver gift items. Even a simple review, such as, “My daughter loved the bracelet. Very nice quality!” could increase sales. Don’t go overboard or do reviews that appear to be fake or spammy. The goal is to put the shopper at ease, so they will trust that the custom silver items for retailers that you are selling on your site are legitimate. This is especially true when the products are valuable, like fine sterling silver objects and jewelry.

Eliminate Any Distractions

Let’s face it; some websites just have too much going on to make the sale. A single pop-up is fine and can increase conversions considerably, but if you also have a live chat box, social media pop-ups, videos, and a whole lot of text, you might lose visitors before they make a purchase. Try to limit your product page to a headline, a list of benefits and features, testimonials and reviews, photos of the item designed to show context, and a simple BUY NOW or ADD TO CART link that is easy to see. You don’t want to have too many distractions that will lead shoppers away from the items you want them to buy or cause them to go off to an advertiser or separate page where they might forget to come back to make the purchase.

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