marketing quality craftsmanship silverThere is more to retail sales than simply stocking fine sterling silver products in the hopes that someone will come to your store and buy them. If you want to attract customers to your store and get them to purchase quality silver items, you need to have a merchandising and marketing strategy in place. If you do not optimize your store to increase value to your target demographic, you might be missing out on the opportunity to boost sales and improve customer loyalty. The difference between making a few sales and cornering the market on quality craftsmanship sterling silver to your market area is in the details. Sometimes it’s the smallest efforts that make the most significant change in the way that customers shop at your store.

What Does the Customer Want?

Think about the products and services that your target audience wants the most and focus on those areas first. Considering the wants, needs, and desires of the customer is always the best way to make a change. While you might have a wide selection of fine sterling silver products, you might not be presenting them in the right way for your customer base. Look at the items that sell the most and think about how you can showcase the items that are not selling as well to make them more prominent in your store. Sometimes these features will be seasonal, providing quick retail solutions to the things that consumers are looking for during a certain time of year. Other features will be timeless and should be showcased regardless of the time of year to show off your artistic silver object manufacturing pieces.

Increase Value of Relevant Products

Good marketing is more than just offering a wide selection of options at a good price. Make sure to add value to each item by bundling like items together, offering discounts for multiple purchases within a specific category, or guiding customers to like-products that they have already purchased in the past. A well-placed showcase of certain items that are trending or seasonal can help to inspire purchases that the customer might not have ever considered. Artful groupings, decorations, and displays can make a world of difference when it comes to making items more relevant to the customer. When you have fine sterling silver products at your disposal, it makes marketing in this way even easier.

Don’t Sell Products – Sell a Lifestyle

Many successful brands don’t even focus on marketing or selling a specific product. Instead, they focus on creating displays that sell an entire lifestyle. This merchandising strategy may take a few tweaks to get right, but with focus and determination, just about any type of store or shop can do it. Display the merchandise in such a way that shoppers can pick the items up easily, walk around with it, and then decide to take it home because it is now a part of them. The longer a customer holds an object, the more likely they will be to purchase it. Make the sales point easy as well so as not to discourage customers from making the final sale due to long waits at the register. The experience should be easygoing, friendly, pleasant, and stress-free to maximize the effects of this type of marketing approach.

Optimizing Window Displays

There are two strategies that are most successful when it comes to creating a merchandising strategy for window displays. The first is to tell a story. This can be used to create stunning seasonal displays that will draw consumers into your shop and inspire them to make a purchase. Develop a theme that ties in with the season or upcoming holiday to bring customers into this story that you have created. Another strategy is to employ the rule of threes, which elevates important and more pricey pieces of the display at eye level and then mixes in other high and low levels of displayed items to create depth. Include creative lighting, backdrops, textures, and mood-elevating selections to really paint a picture that will inspire customers to come inside and make a purchase.

Work With Quality Suppliers

All of your efforts in marketing and merchandising will be useless if you don’t carry quality craftmanship sterling silver. Work with a reputable provider of artistic silver object manufacturing for best results. JT Inman Company offers a wide selection of fine sterling silver products, including holiday gifts, personal gift items, corporate-appropriate gifts, milestone keepsake items, jewelry, and collectible objects. You can view many of our products in our online catalog or contact our team to learn more about custom and white label options that will help you to purchase quality silver items that will set you apart from the competition. If you are interested in learning more about JT Inman Company or would like to place an order for your retail store, give us a call at 508-226-0080.