Quality Sterling Silver Objects: Top Seasonal Shopping Tips

Silver is considered to be one of the precious metals, which also includes gold and platinum. The reason for this is because it holds its value and represents quality. Customers who want to purchase trending silver items are usually willing to pay for well-made products that are created with fine sterling silver. A gift of quality sterling silver objects is a great way to show someone you care, which is why silver is one of the top gift materials sold each year in the United States. Affordable, classic, timeless, and elegant, what’s not to like about silver? However, there are also a lot of cheap silver products being marketed and sold in stores today. If you are trying to build your brand – and your reputation – you would do well to stay away from low-quality fashion silver jewelry.

Fine Sterling Silver vs. Everything Else

If you are going to sell silver products in your retail store, you should at least take the time to learn the difference between quality sterling silver objects and jewelry and silver-plated or cheap silver products. Pure silver is way too soft to use in the design of jewelry and keepsake silver objects. The silver is alloyed with another metal, preferably copper, to create a stronger, more durable material. In order to qualify as fine sterling silver, the product must be made using 92.5 percent pure silver. You will often see a stamp on seasonal silver products and jewelry that states .925, 925, 92.5, or STER.

The more you know about a product, the easier it is to sell it. This is beneficial in the event that a customer asks you a question about the quality of the item. Answering questions with proven facts about silver, including how to keep it clean, store it, and use it properly, can help to finalize the sale. Learning how to overcome objections before they interfere with the sale can be beneficial as well. Some shoppers will have concerns about cleaning, polishing, and storage that they will want you to answer before they invest in silver.

Quality Design and Manufacturing

JT Inman Company uses the best quality pure silver and copper to make our popular silver enamel jewelry items and other silver objects. We maintain a high standard in everything from the initial design created by our skilled craftsmen to production. We are proud to have earned so many loyal customers who come to us year after year for custom and keepsake pieces to showcase in their stores and catalogs. Silver objects are often known as generational pieces because they hold their value and are often handed down from grandparents to grandchildren and parents to children.

While silver is much easier to take care of and maintain than most people think, there are still occasional objections that must be overcome. The most affordable of the three precious metals, fine sterling silver jewelry, is a classic gift that can be given during the holidays to loved ones, friends, and even coworkers without being too expensive. Silver objects are famously given at baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries, and they are considered traditional gifts for these occasions by many. Providing your customers with a simple guide, instruction, and the products necessary to care for their silver enamel jewelry items and gifts can help ensure that they feel more confident.

Caring for Quality Sterling Silver

Basic cleaning techniques can be used to care for fine sterling silver jewelry and objects. A soft cleaning cloth, silver polish, and quality silver storage products can be sold alongside your featured silver products. If a customer has questions about cleaning and storage, make sure your employees know enough to provide a simple demonstration about how easy it is to care for quality silver. Insightful tidbits regarding jewelry pieces, such as reduced tarnishing for frequently worn items and chemicals or environments to avoid, can also be beneficial. Some stores take the time to create a care guide for their silver, especially if they sell it a lot.

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