Quality Silver Jewelry: Timeless & Trendy Pieces for Retail

quality silver jewelryWhen searching for new ideas to purchase fine sterling silver jewelry for your retail store, sometimes the best answer is to look at what has always sold well and build on it from there. Sterling silver bracelets, including bangles and personalized I.D. bracelets, have been popular with consumers for generations. You can’t go wrong when you stock quality silver jewelry in your retail store and provide shoppers with multiple price points to fit every occasion or budget. A personal purchase or a gift for someone dear, silver enamel pieces, timeless keepsake gifts, and even trending jewelry seen on the covers of fashion magazines and worn by influencers can be all you need to make the sale.

How to Sell Quality Silver Jewelry

They say that quality items sell themselves, which is true to a certain degree. If someone comes into your store and knows what they want and you have it in stock, the sale is made relatively easy without a lot of marketing, promotion, and sales techniques. However, how you showcase, feature, and display your sterling silver bracelets and other fine sterling silver jewelry can significantly impact how well you are able to make sales, the type of customer you will attract, and the conversion ratio that you are able to achieve. Even the best quality pieces will not sell if customers do not know they exist.

You don’t necessarily have to invest in a lot of sales trickery or use tacky hype to bring attention to your quality silver pieces but can use what you already have at your disposal in-store. Glass display cases, window features, promotional signage, and other methods that you successfully use every day will likely be enough to get the ball rolling. Brand new jewelry in your store that you want to promote? Identify the area in your store that gets the most attention, either right at the front entry, in a popular department or section, or near the register where everyone goes to pay. This is the area where you will want to place your hot, new, and high-margin products to get the most attention and, ultimately, the most sales.

Best Places to Showcase Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry

Window displays can be a great way to let passersby know that you’ve got something new. Tasteful signs and seasonal displays can be an excellent tool to get the folks outdoors into your store. Displays should be changed every could of weeks or weekly, depending on their effectiveness and the attention that they bring to your store. Feature sterling silver bracelets alongside your new spring attire or pair them with wedding gifts and other seasonal gift items that are already top sellers in your store. The more you work at it, the easier it will be to know the best design or arrangement for your target customer base. It’s fine to bring in large numbers of guests, but if only a tiny fraction of those shoppers can afford your quality silver jewelry, you’ve wasted their time and yours.

Curbside signage, through the use of quality promotional materials and displays, can also bring new customers into your store. It doesn’t have to be a sale, it can just be an announcement about your new silver chains, earrings, or even a free brochure on how to properly care for and wear fine sterling silver jewelry. This could be the opening needed to turn a shopper into a customer and win a new and loyal buyer in the future. This technique is wildly popular in shopping malls, shopping centers, and other commercial retail areas where potential customers walk by storefronts regularly. Train staff to effectively sell the new products, so they are ready to go when shoppers walk through the door to seamlessly feature the item and make the sale.

Purchase Quality Silver Jewelry for Your Store

It all starts with purchasing quality-made silver enamel pieces, bracelets, and keepsake items to display in your retail store. If you would like to view our catalog or speak with a sales team member about our quality silver jewelry, call JT Inman Company directly at 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our fine sterling silver jewelry and objects, assist you in obtaining items for your store, and provide insight into our custom and white label opportunities, as well.