quality sterling silver objectsWhen most people hear the words “sterling silver,” they often think about jewelry. However, there are lots of classic, traditional, and popular special occasion silver items that are sold regularly in retail settings that are not jewelry. JT Inman Company provides retail businesses with top-quality custom sterling silver objects that are in demand by consumers. Sterling silver is a sought after material that is used to represent quality, sophistication, and is used for gifts that are meant to show appreciation, honor, and respect. As sterling silver manufacturers in the USA, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the business, providing a variety of options for retail supply sterling silver.

Collectible Gifts

One of the more well-known areas of custom sterling silver objects has to do with collectible pieces. Quality silver items have been collected by people in the United States and throughout Europe for centuries. Silver spoons, tea sets, and other trinkets have been replaced with pocket watches, photo frames, and ornaments for every occasion. Retail supply sterling silver can vary in quality when you buy from wholesale distributors. Purchasing directly from a silversmith manufacturer like JT Inman Company can help you cut out the “middle man” and provide you with quality special occasion silver items that you can use to help you build your brand. Whether you sell items from our catalog or design your own custom pieces, sterling silver items can be sold to a wide demographic of shoppers at your brick-and-mortar or online store.

New Baby Gifts

Another way that retail supply sterling silver is frequently sold is as gift items for special occasions. JT Inman Company offers a wide selection of sterling silver objects that would be perfect for baby showers, new baby gender or birth celebrations, religious ceremonies, and other milestones in a person’s life. Sterling silver photo frames are available in several unique designs, featuring nursery rhymes and room for customizing the baby’s names, date of birth, length, and weight, or more subtle designs that can be used to hold special pictures. Baby rattles, porringer sets, combs, brushes, spoons, and keepsake boxes for lost teeth, first haircuts, and other special items are also very popular with consumers. Our talented and skilled artisans bring something special to our offerings as sterling silver manufacturers USA that your customers will appreciate.

Wedding Gifts

Special occasion silver items are also popular for weddings – and anniversaries. The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the “silver anniversary,” which is why many custom sterling silver object includes the number 25 or are made to be gifts for a couple with that kind of longevity. However, it is also extremely appropriate for a new couple on their wedding day. Beautiful silver trays, comb and brush sets, photo frames, bar sets, key rings, perfume flasks, mirrors, keepsake boxes, personalized tags, and much more are popular in retail supply sterling silver for gift shops, wedding stores, jewelry shops, and other businesses that cater specifically to weddings. Sterling silver cufflinks and money clips also make great wedding party gifts for the best man and groomsmen.

Retirement Gifts

When someone retires after many years of service to a company, it is customary to give them a gold watch. However, sterling silver pocket watches are also very popular and up the ante in class, creating a beautiful way to show appreciation to someone who meant so much to the business. Other commercial and custom sterling silver objects that are perfect for retirement party gift-giving include items for golfers, such as a golf marker or divot doctor, sterling silver guitar pick, buck knife, or a whistle. We have a variety of unique designs and styles that are perfect for someone who can be a challenge to buy for even when they have clear hobbies and interests outside of the office.

Executive Gifts

Gifts for co-workers, bosses, employees, clients, colleagues, and vendors are often popular with sterling silver manufacturers USA. JT Inman Company has designed and manufactures a wide range of desk accessories, including stamp boxes, letter openers, bar sets, and business card holders. We also have elegant luggage tags, collar stays, blazer buttons, and other accessories that are perfect for executive gifts. Use these custom sterling silver objects to mark milestones in someone’s career, celebrate a sales peak, remember a colleague who passed on, or award an employee with a promotion. There are lots of great gift ideas that fall into this category that would be perfect to stock in a department store, retail outlet, or gift shop.

If you are interested in learning more about our retail supply sterling silver opportunities or would like to browse our catalog online, visit our website. You can also call one of our friendly customer service agents directly by dialing 508-226-0080. We can answer any questions you might have about our special occasion silver items and opportunities to design custom sterling silver objects for your retail business.