retail supply sterling silverWhile everyone else is out enjoying the warm, summer months, retail store owners are focused on just one thing: taking time to prepare for holiday season sales. Making sure that you have placed orders or already have in stock the “must have” holiday items for your target customer base is a big undertaking. Wait too long, and you might miss out on a trend, but jump too fast, and you might get stuck with a bunch of items that no one wants. Silver gifts for holiday sales are always a good choice. Classic retail supply sterling silver, such as photo frames, jewelry, and custom silver items for retailers, continue to sell well each year regardless of the trends or economy. If you want to stand out from the competition and offer something truly unique, now is the time to get started.

How Retailers Celebrate “Christmas in July”

Instead of spending time at the beach, you’re going through catalogs to make sure you have all the right silver gifts for holiday sales. What will you do differently from previous years? What will be your big hook for the upcoming season? How will you get shoppers into your store and increase your sales quota from last year? The good news is that there is an easy way to make sure that you get all of the retail supply sterling silver you need to really “wow” your customers and bring new prospective shoppers in the door. JT Inman Company has a solid reputation for providing top quality custom silver items for retailers that you can use to help prepare for the holiday season.

You can also spend this time cleaning out your stockroom, front of house, and prepare your store for the busiest season of the year. Take time to make repairs, repaint your store, focus on your brand, and reconfigure lighting to highlight the things you really want to sell the most. Think about it like gardening or farming: the seeds you plant today as you prepare for holiday season shoppers will yield the fruit that comes from boosted sales from mid-November through the end of the year. The more you do now, the bigger the payoff will be by the time Black Friday rolls around. Take steps to prepare for new items, make room for trendy pieces, and provide your customers with everything they need in one store.

Get Organized: How to Feature Products

Another great way to highlight your retail supply sterling silver during the holidays and throughout the year is to get organized and separate your store into various sections. Depending on the type of store that you own, there might be a sensible way to divvy up all of your merchandise, create areas that allow you to highlight specialty items, and boost sales by grouping like items together. Consider adding new signage or decorative pieces that will attract attention and really underscore what each area of your store is selling.

One example would be a holiday area that focuses on gifts that are specific to that particular holiday. Prepare for holiday season sales by having items that would be perfect for Thanksgiving hostess gifts, gift exchange items, presents for a sweetheart, corporate gifts for the workplace, items for children, and other specific pieces. Add in some matching decor to set the mood and underline the theme, and you will notice your customers flocking to each area in search of the perfect gift. Of course, this means taking time to learn what your customers really want in the way of silver gifts for holiday sales.

Top Categories in Retail Supply Sterling Silver

Your target demographic, location of your store, and overall theme of your retail shop will dictate much of this list, but for the most part, most of the custom silver items for retailers fall into a few very specific categories. There are baby gifts, which can include sterling silver spoon sets, fork and spoon sets, baby jewelry, porringer sets, brushes and combs, diaper pins, photo frames, and other keepsake items. There are corporate gifts, which are typically things like desk accessories, cufflinks, photo frames, money clips, tie bars, trays, and silver watches. The jewelry category can vary, depending on who you are selling to, including earrings, enamel pieces, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Personal gifts can be for family, friends, and other loved ones, as well as for co-workers, teachers, and service providers. Key rings, napkin rings, photo frames, compasses, pocket watches, buck knives, collar stays, engravable toothpicks, belt buckles, luggage tags, and whistles are just some of the beautiful sterling silver items that fall into this category. Golf ball markers, divot doctors, guitar picks, pet bowls, shoe horns, charms, and pins are also great keepsake gifts that are a joy to give and receive. Holiday specific gifts, such as Christmas ornaments or religious pieces, are also exceptional sales items this time of year and should be displayed appropriately to maximize sales.

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